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     The Free Play:
On selected racing days, Dr. Park or his son Kevin, will choose a race
     to handicap. We will give you their analyses, and selections at the bottom of the page.
     We are certain that you will find this area very insightful.

     Dr. Jim Park's Play of the day:
     Wednesday, September 20 2017

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     Potpourri 4378    "No Ball Golf- Revolutionizing the Game?"   
     The Golf season here in Canada seems to be drawing to a close.
     Our weekly foursome arbitrarily does not play when the temperature goes below 50.F.
     Tuesday's high is 46 so we'll miss this week.
     We four old goats have played together at golf or curling for 40 years now.
     My golf mates are reasonable golfers for their age. I am not.
     Nevertheless we play on, with yours truly bringing up the hind end.
     The other evening though I had an epiphany that could "revolutionize" the game.
     Let me share it with you.
     For starters, if it weren't for my improper grip, stance, alignment, backswing
     and downswing, I'd probably be a pretty good golfer. After all, I can putt.
     Those problems can be corrected.
     But the one problem that cannot be corrected is the presence of a ball.
     The pros will all tell you "A ball doesn't know who's hitting it!"
     "Bosh!" I say. That might be the "biggest lie in sport." Those balls know.
     I'm convinced that "My ball knows who's hitting it."
     When I buy a sleeve of golf balls, I'm certain that the Titleists shout at one
     another in the box "Hey guys, another Tweedle Dum just bought us. Let's have fun."
     As a result they do not fly as far or as straight as when a tour pro such as Dustin Johnson
     hits them. They are like unruly school students. They don't act up in his classroom.
     Yet they insist on acting up in mine. They're "conspirators."
     So, for players such as I, I've come up with the "perfect solution."
     I discovered it in my back yard.
     That's where I swing a golf club a couple of times a week just to keep the muscles limber.
     I know for a fact that when I swing without a ball I can "visualize"
     shots that go like a rocket, maybe between 260 to 280 yards.
     Without a ball I swing with "effortless grace."
     With a ball present that swing becomes a "graceless effort."
     If not in the trees, the ball "dribble-flops" down the fairway maybe 150 yards.
     Mark Twain was right. He hit the nail on the head observing:
     "Golf is a good walk spoiled."
     My new proposed game of "No Ball Golf" would convince even a critic such as
     Twain to join in the fun.
     "No Ball Golf" - leave the balls at home. Just "Swing the club" towards the target or pin.
     It has two major requirements.
     1. A good "Mind's Eye" for envisioning where the imagined ball went and how far
     2. Honesty and Trust - players have to accept self-reports of distance hit

     The main advantage of "No Ball Golf" is it speeds up play.
     Without fear of conspiring golf balls to hit, swings become smoother,
     the shots go farther, and straighter. A "No Ball Golfer" never has to worry
     about fishing the balls out of sloughs or rubbing on Poison Ivy in bushes.
     Also players will no longer partake in the bad habit of washing balls at every tee box,
     which adds up to about 18 minutes a round.
     This revolutionary way of playing eliminates the need for "stooping."
     Trying to put tees in rock hard ground or getting a sore back from plucking
     balls from the hole become things of the past.
     Sand Traps? What are they? The "No Ball Golfer" is seldom, if ever, in them.
     Furthermore, "No Ball Golf" can extend the playing years for Seniors and hackers who've
     given up the game because "balls conspired against them," as they have against me.
     I can assure you that from my personal experimentation with "No Ball Golf"
     the golfer becomes capable of having "a wonderful self-actualization" experience
     that is far more gratifying than when a ball insists on highlighting reality.
     Unfortunately, I can't seem to convince the "three dinosaurs" that I play with
     that "No Ball Golf" is the future. They think I've gone "bananas."
     I guess they fear the idea of me swinging and reporting:
     "Wow! Did you old geezers see that? That's the first 300 yard shot I've ever hit."
     Oh, I'm more honest than that.
     But without a ball 265 is now feasible, even if I haven't hit an actual golf ball
     when I'm with them over 190 so far this year, or in the last 5 years
     now that I think about it.
     That's just because the "ball conspiracy" has taken advantage of the "wonky knee"
     and Tennis Elbow that I've had all summer.
 :    So as a "true believer" in this new game I played our foursome's last two holes
     that way. They flailed around while I "parred in" to win those holes.
     At last, "No Ball Golf" really gave meaning to the old adage:
     "The Swing is the Thing!"
     If I haven't convinced you that the main problem with golf is the fact that
     it's played with a ball, I can't help you. You're doomed to suffer on.
     "Oh, oh."
     A white van just pulled up out front. Two men wearing white coats are getting out.
     They're carrying butterfly nets, a straitjacket, and a dart gun.
     They're coming to my front door. "I have no idea what they want!"

     The Gapfire Free Play Area   Wednesday September 20
     For Thursday's Race 8 at Finger Lakes, our Quickgaps were 11-10-6-1.
     "Yes!" 10/11/2 Kevin's key #10 $7.40 W $3.20 P Exacta $18.20  (Tri $36.90)    
     For Friday's Race 9 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 10-8-3-1.
     "Yes!" 8/1/4 Kevin's exacta $20.60   (Tri $190.50)    
     For Saturday's Race 10 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 3-5-2-11.
     "Yes!" Kevin's key #3 Outrageous Bet $34.60 W $15.20 P  No exacta.  3/4/5  
     For Sunday's Race 10 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 7-1-6-4.
     Not today.    2/1/7  
     For Wednesday's Race 7 at Delaware Park, our Quickgaps were 4-7-6-8.
     "Yes!" Quickgap Winner #6 Yes To The Dress $11.80 W   No exacta.  6/3/4  
     For Thursday's Race 8 at Los Alamitos, our Quickgaps were 4-7-2-9.
     "Yes!" 7/2/10 Kevin's key #7 Southern Warlord $6.00 W $3.80 P Exacta $28.50      
     For Friday's Race 7 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 3-6-8-7.
     "Yes!" Quickgap Winner & Exacta. #7 $6.90 W Exacta 7/8 $41.80  Not selected.    
     For Saturday's Race 9 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 7-10-6-9.
     "Yes!" 6/3/4 Kevin's 6/3 exacta $21.60      
     For Sunday's Race 7 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 7-2-6-10.
     Kevin played 1 Unit Win and 3 Units Place on #7 Pound Note and
     Exactas 2-6-7/2-4-6-7-10-11.
     "Yes!" Quickgap Winner #2 Blue Atlas $4.50 W  No exacta.  2/9/3  
     Kevin will post a play for Wednesday usually by 1 pm EDT. Best luck at the ponies.

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