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     The Free Play:
On selected racing days, Dr. Park or his son Kevin, will choose a race
     to handicap. We will give you their analyses, and selections at the bottom of the page.
     We are certain that you will find this area very insightful.

     Dr. Jim Park's Play of the day:
     Friday, July 28 2017

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     Potpourri 4350    "The Love of Money"   
     The Holy Bible for Christians states:
     Timothy 6:10   "For the love of money is the root of all evil"
     Not being a religious scholar, I'm not sure of what similar admonishments are made
     in Holy texts of other faiths.
     Allow me to ask you this hypothetical question.
     "If you thought that you were harassed at work to the point where you had to
     take a "Stress Leave" or even quit the job, would you sue your employer?
     If so, how much would you sue for?"

     Reflect on that. Give that question a couple of minutes of thought.
     In answering that question keep in mind that the average "Joe Public" probably
     won't earn $3 million bucks after taxes in his (or her) entire lifetime.
     Also remember that "harassment" in the workplace of any kind
     is wrong. It shouldn't happen. We should all be against it.
     Having said that I'd venture to say that at one time or another over our work careers
     we've all been harassed.
     I know that I have been snubbed, insulted, called names, or whatever on occasion
     over my forty plus years of work in various jobs.
     I've also seen others picked on, bullied, or sworn at in every workplace I was at.
     "S**t happens." That's part of life. Most of us learn to cope with it or get another job.
     Except in situations where the harassment involves sexual advances or violence
     the vast majority of us do not seek legal beagles and sue our employers.
     But earlier this year, our "flea brain" Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enacted
     Motion 103 which:
     "condemns Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination"
     In effect, we Canadians are not supposed to say anything derogatory about Muslims
     or Islam.

     So I won't. I'll just report the facts.
     With that law firmly entrenched in Canadian Law Books, a small group of
     five Muslim-Canadians is seeking "Justice" under the law, and of course
     monetary compensation.
     They work for Canada's Spy Agency (CSIS), which is a cousin of America's CIA.
     The five employees are claiming that they haven't been getting the "trust and respect"
     they deserve from the agency. Their complaints to Supervisors have been either
     ignored or dismissed.
     Consequently, all five of these Muslim-Canadians are no longer able to work
     due to "Anxiety" and "Depression."
     One of them is complaining that her Supervisor believes that Barack Obama is
     a member of The Muslim Brotherhood.
     Another doesn't like it that a colleague didn't speak to her for three years.
     I'm rolling my eyes here. I did not make those complaints up.
     In a hundred years, I couldn't see myself or most of the people that I know, ever getting
     "Anxious" or "Depressed" over those kinds of concerns.
     But apparently these five Muslim-Canadians are bothered by those sorts of things.
     They are suing our Canadian Government for $35 million.
     No. That is not a "typo." They want $35 million!
     Normally a Judge will have to determine whether or not their 53 page claim holds any water.
     Does our CSIS really have an "anti-Muslim" work culture or conversely do these
     particular Muslim-Canadians bear some type "anti-work" entitlement culture?
     Either way the new Canadian Law M 103 is starting to cost Canadian Tax Payers
     big money. This could be the first of many such cases.
     Of course, our Simple Simon Prime Minister just might settle this claim for a massive
     amount out of court too. He did that with the recent Omar Khadr case.
     At any rate, there's certainly no heed to Timothy 6:10 evident in that legal action.
     (For more information on this suit see --->The Globe and Mail.)

     The Gapfire Free Play Area    Friday July 27
     For Thursday's Race 9 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 11-7-10-5.
     "Yes!" 10/5/7 #10 $11.00 W Kevin's 10/7 Exacta $109.50    (Tri $522.00)
     For Friday's Race 8 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 5-3-1-2.
     "Yes!" 2/5/8 Kevin's key #5 Initiate $4.10 P Exacta $31.00  (Tri $88.50)  
     For Saturday's Race 6 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 2-7-9-5.
     "Yes!" 2/7/11 Kevin's key #7 Abbot $9.10 P Exacta $125.00 !  (Tri $1,372.00 !!)  
     For Sunday's Race 10 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 3-8-4-1.
     "Yes!" Gapfire Winner #8 White Flag $9.50 W  Not selected.   8/5/3
     For Wednesday's Race 8 at Del Mar, our Quickgaps were 10-4-11-2.
     "Yes!" Quickgap Winner #4 $8.90 WNot today.  Not selected on top.  
     For Friday's Race 6 at Del Mar, our Quickgaps were 5-8-4-7.
     Not today. 1/7/5 
     For Saturday's Race 6 at Saratoga, our Quickgaps were 4-6-1-2.
     "Yes!" 12/7/4 Kevin's key #12 $10.60 W $5.70 P EX $201.00 !  (Tri $873.00)  
     For Sunday's Race 7 at Saratoga, our Quickgaps were 10-1-9-12.
     "Yes!" Kevin's key #4 Honor Way $4.20 P No exacta.  11/4/6
     For Wednesday's Race 8 at Del Mar, our Quickgaps were 5-4-2-13.
     "Yes!" 2/5/4 Kevin's key #2 Aura Rose $11.10 W $6.80 P Ex $48.70 (Tri $87.45)  
     For Thursday's Race 8 at Del Mar, our Quickgaps were 6-3-2-10.
     Kevin played 1 Unit Win and 3 Units Place on #2 Oh Scatty Oh
     and Exactas 2-6-10/2-3-5-6-9-10.
     "Yes!" Gapfire Winner #3 Tweeting $6.20   Not selected on top. 3/7/1
     Kevin will post a play for Friday usually by 1 pm EDT. Best luck at the ponies.

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