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On selected racing days, Dr. Jim Park or his son Kevin, will choose a race to handicap. We will give you their analyses, and selections at the bottom of the page. We are certain that you will find this area very insightful.
Dr. "Jim," a retired Psychologist, writes the "blogs."
Kevin posts the "selections."
Our site since 2004 has given horseplayers an "edge" on which
are the very best of race number contenders nearly every day, every race!

Kevin Park's Play of the day:
Thursday September 24 2020

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2019 Breeders Cup Day Quickgaps:
*******  9 WINNERS, 4 EXACTAS, 6 PICK 3s, 2 TRIS INCLUDING RACE 5 $4,327 !!!!

2020 Kentucky Derby Day Quickgaps:
*******  10 WINNERS, 5 DAILY DOUBLES, 4 NICE PICK 3'S, 1 PICK 4 $2,415.60 !!!!

Potpourri 4785  "Hatred In America -The Woke and Cancel Culture" Part 32
Have Pride! Love Your Country! Cancel The "Cancellers!"
I think so highly of James Robbins "message" in the Video in the previous
blog, I'm posting it again below along with a second Video of his.
Dr. Robbins is the author of a recent book entitled Erasing America.
He believes that the "Radical Left" has gained control of the Media,
the Education System,
and the Democratic Party (no longer your parents Dems).
Those forces have "brain-washed" a generation of young people with toxins
of "Negativity" about America's contributions to the Modern World.
Achievements have been downplayed. Sins have been "Highlighted."
Consequently we see numerous young people being "Ashamed" of America's
History and not so many standing "Proud and Tall."
Dr. Robbins believes that these Left-wingers, including "Marxists,"
are trying to destroy America's past to gain control of the future.
Here in Canada those same "Socialist Forces" are trying to push us towards
Globalism as well, including lefty Prime Minister Trudeau who keeps
"apologizing" for our past. He refers to Canada as a "Post Nationalist State"
and wants our Indigenous First Nations Tribes to have the same status at the
United Nations as every other Country in the World.
His views have emboldened our Native population and hardly a month goes by
when they aren't making demands to "give us more, more, and even more."
(Oops. That comment sounds "Racist." Nope. It's just what I see as happening.)
Some of our "Racial Unrest" here has been inspired by that man!
To our PM and anyone else who isn't "Proud" of our Nation's History
and who "Hates" living in a "Capitalist Democracy" I say:
     "Get the Hell out and let the rest of us who are Proud
       of our Nation get on with our lives peacefully!"

(Readers have permission to copy and e-mail any of my blogs to acquaintances.)

Video #1------> James Robbins - "Goodbye America?"

Video #2.-----> James Robbins - "Is The Star Spangled Banner Racist?"

The Gapfire Free Play Area   Thursday September 24   2020
2020 Kentucky Derby Day Quickgaps:
*******  10 WINNERS, 5 DAILY DOUBLES, 4 NICE PICK 3'S, 1 PICK 4 $2,415.60 !!!!

Kevin's Saturday Free Play Exacta Race 9 Churchill "Yes!" 9/8 $146.10 (Tri $584.80)
For Thursday's Race 7 at Gulfstream our Quickgaps were 8-10-2-6.
Result: "Yes!" 2/4/10 Quickgap #2 $5.60 W Kevin's Exacta $76.00  (Tri $300.80)
For Friday's Race 9 at Gulfstream our Quickgaps were 8-3-4-7.
Result: "Yes!" Quickgap #3 Yafa $3.10 W   No Exacta.  3/1/8
For Saturday's Race 10 at Belmont our Quickgaps were 2-10-3-4.
Result: "Yes!" Kevin's key #4 Fast Gordon $4.90 P   No Exacta.   6/4/10
For Sunday's Race 10 at Belmont our Quickgaps were 8-5-4-1.
Kevin played 1 Unit Win and 3 Units Place on #4 Wicked Title and
Exactas 4-5-8/1-3-4-5-8-10.
Result:   Not today.   2/9/8/4
Kevin will post a play on Thursday by 1 pm EDT. Best luck at the ponies!

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