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On selected racing days, Dr. Jim Park or his son Kevin, will choose a race to handicap. We will give you their analyses, and selections at the bottom of the page. We are certain that you will find this area very insightful.
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Kevin posts the "selections."
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Kevin Park's Play of the day:
Friday July 8 2022

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2020 Kentucky Derby Day Quickgaps:
*******  10 WINNERS, 5 DAILY DOUBLES, 4 NICE PICK 3'S, 1 PICK 4 $2,415.60 !!!!

2021Preakness: #6 $25.70 Win $10.10 Place Exacta 6/5 $98.60 Tri $324.40

Potpourri 4983    "It's A Mad, Mad World ..."The Trudeau Movie?" "      #163
"Four Types of Neo-Marxist Artful Dodgers"      Part 7.
(Note:- The original Dickens "Artful Dodger" was a great deceiver.)
D. Progressive Radical Politicians Are Wrecking North America
"The Frightmare Maker Of 24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa" - Part A.
24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa is the official residence of Canada's Prime Minister.
It is a rundown old mansion that is getting a $36 million repair job.
The current occupant, a "Neo-Marxist," was most likely conceived there
in 1971 and spent much of his childhood playing on its 4 acre grass/treed yard.
To understand a wee bit about why this G7 leader has hauled Canada down
the path of "Radical Socialism," we need to rewind our nation's movie back
over 50 years.
In 1968 Pierre Trudeau, 49 became Canada's youngest Prime Minister ever.
In the absence of Cable TV's daily coverage, he was "a breath of fresh air"
when compared to the previous Old Methuselahs who ruled our land.
Pierre Trudeau was intelligent, energetic, a deep scholarly well-educated thinker
with University Law degrees from Montreal and Harvard. He also presented to be
a charming, charismatic "ladies man bachelor" who had traveled the World for
5 years, funded by an inheritance from his late multi-millionaire father.
Younger Canadians were swept up by his dynamism and a craze usually reserved
for Rock Stars called Trudeaumania spilled across the Nation.
That enabled Pierre Trudeau to be the Prime Minister of Canada from 1968
to 1979 and 1980 to 1984. (Conservatives were voted in and out for a few months.)
Initially, Pierre Trudeau captivated local and international media with
his "charismatic personality." They hid the fact that his main
"raison d'etre" to seek the PM job as a Liberal was a realization that
the "Socialist Activists" he chummed with would never be in power.
In 1970 he reached "Hero Status." He used Canada's War Measures Act
to put down Quebec's "Murdering Terrorists" who tried to break up Canada.
(52 years later his son would stupidly use the same tactic against tame protestors.)
In 1966 Pierre met 18 year old "flower child" Margaret Sinclair while
vacationing in Tahiti. They married in 1971 and Justin was born later
that year. But as supposedly "Wise" as Pierre was touted to be, the
"30 year Age Gap" between these two love birds proved to be too great. They
divorced 10 years later after Margaret's "frolics" with The Rolling Stones.
Pierre was left as a "Single Father" raising 3 children.
(See YouTube Video--->Margaret and The Rolling Stones)
Over the 16 years that Pierre Trudeau was in power, we came to see that
he wanted to be remembered as a "Philosopher King." To that end,
he oversaw the writing of The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms.
Canadians should be thankful for that legacy. So should Lawyers. It has
provided a great deal of business for them whenever it has been violated.
However, during Pierre Trudeau's 16 year "smug and arrogant reign,"
he also tried to drag our Nation deeper and deeper into "Socialism."
Pierre strongly admired Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.
He thought that Castro had the right idea in Nationalizing Industries
on that island. He also loved that Cuba was in bed with Russia attempting
to bring about "Marxist Wealth Re-distribution."
As a result, Pierre Trudeau showed his true "Neo-Marxist Stripes" when
he brought in his malevolent National Energy Program (1980-1985).
It was a "War Against Capitalism and Oil and Gas."
The results were "disastrous." "Inflation" raged. Provinces argued.
Canada's Confederation became a bit wobbly.                Continued
(Readers have permission to copy and e-mail any of my blogs to acquaintances.)

YouTube Video (8 min.)--> "Pierre Trudeau's Bio Part 1"

YouTube Video (8 min.)--> "Pierre Trudeau's Bio Part 2"

The Gapfire Free Play Area    Friday July 8 2022
For Sunday's Race 10 at Santa Anita our Quickgaps were 6-10-2-7.
Result:  "Yes!" 10/7/3 Quickgap #10 $8.90 Win Kevin's Exacta $24.50  
For Saturday's Race 12 at Santa Anita our Quickgaps were 10-9-1-3.
Result:   "Yes!" 3/10/4 Quickgap #3 $6.10 (Not played on top. Qkgap Ex 3/10 77.40)
For Thursday's Race 9 at Belmont our Quickgaps were 7-12-4-6.
Result:   Not today. Kevin's selection was "Scratched." 5/12/1
For Saturday's Race 12 at Gulfstream our Quickgaps were 8-4-5-(3-11).
Result:  "Yes!" Quickgap #8 Starship Wizard $6.70 Win   No Exacta. 8/10/1
For Thursday's Race 8 at Gulfstream our Quickgaps were 4-9-3-1.
Result:  "Yes!" 7/4/3 Kevin's Key #4 $5.00 Place No Exacta  
For Friday's Race 9 at Belmont our Quickgaps were 11-6-8-12.
Result:  Not today.  7/6/10  
For Sunday's Race 5 at Belmont our Quickgaps were 7-8-6-5-2.
Result:  "Yes!" Quickgap #2 $17.90 Win  No Exacta.   2/4/1
For Monday's Race 7 at Belmont our Quickgaps were 3-7-6-4.
Kevin played 1 unit Win and 3 units Place on #7 Battle Station and
Exactas 3-4-7/2-3-4-6-7-8

Result:  "Yes!" Quickgaps 3/4/6 #3 $7.50 Win Kevin's Exacta $17.60 (Tri $54.40)    
Kevin will post a play for Friday July 8 by 1 pm EDT. Best luck at the ponies!

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