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Saturday - March 23 2019

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Potpourri 4605        "My Note In A Bottle - Aug 20, 2026" Part 2
Editor's Note - In Part 1 "Dr. Jim" told us about 2026 when he put a note and
Video in a bottle and tossed it in the North Saskatchewan River as all electronic
communications ceased The note described how Pres. Kamala Harris (Dem.)
and Vice-Pres Ocasio-Cortez came to power on a Green New Deal platform
in Jan. 2025 and kick-started a Socialism reign. The new deal was like
a water melon - "GREEN" on the outside, "RED" on the inside.
Part 2
Until 2025 I believed that "Psychotic Delusions" were an individual condition
of "madness." The sufferer had to fight his or her own Demons alone.
But the fervor with which Pres. Harris and V.P. Ocasio-Cortez ranted on about
"Save The Planet" convinced me that both were stark raving mad. They had
a "Shared Psychotic Delusion" that psychiatrists call a Folie a deux.
In Canada, moronic "Monkey See, Monkey Do" leader Trudeau was
in his third term. He too jumped on the "Green Wave" and surfed it.
He would worship at Gaia's Mother Earth Church Altar too and agreed
to have Canada march in lock-step with any decisions that were being made
by those two loons in the United States. A "Folie a trois" was evident.
I could see that "The Green Insanity" was like a "contagious disease."
Multiple "Shared Psychoses" affecting large groups of people bloomed.
So in early 2025 Pres. Harris, V.P. Ocasio-Cortez and Trudeau did two radical
unfathomable things to fund the GREEN NEW DEAL's "freebie" promises
for Free Colleges, Healthcare, Guaranteed Income and Federal Jobs.
1. the Banks
and 2. the Oil Companies.
All bank accounts were frozen, so that everyone could be "Audited" and
"Wealth Redistributed." Everyone was issued "Green Debit Cards" to
withdraw what the Government called a "Fair Monthly Living Wage."
All Mortgage Payments were suspended too, for the time being.
On Feb. 2025 the U.S. and Canadian Governments told us to get ready for
Gasoline to be rationed. My wife and I waited in long lineups and filled
our three cars to the brim.
In Mar. 2025 Government edicts came down to STOP ALL OIL DRILLING!
Gasoline shot up to over $200/gallon. Food and bicycle prices ballooned.
By May there was No Gasoline for the general public and there would
be no more Natural Gas for heating homes next winter.
What happened next was too unbearably grim for me to write it all down.
In short, Chaos, Anomie, and Darwin's "Survival Of The Fittest" erupted.
Railways, Planes, Buses, stopped. Factories shut down. Unemployment shot
sky high. The Stock Markets crashed. The Electrical Grid was sporadic.
Across America there were riots, deaths, looting, social breakdown,
hospital closures, cars abandoned in streets, fires, food shortages ...All tall
buildings went dark. Golf courses, race tracks and sport's venues closed.
Martial Law had to be declared in both the United States and Canada.
There was also a war on cattle. Apparently cows contribute up to 25% of the
CH4 (methane) in the atmosphere. Ranching was outlawed. No more steaks.
After the cow slaughter I bought 4 cowhides for the day we'd need a teepee.
My wife and I survived the cold winter of 2025-26 using a ton of coal that
we had the foresight to buy from a Power Plant that was ordered closed.
When that was gone we used our fence boards, but not without angry scuffles
with the neighbors on both sides of our house as to how we'd share the wood.
This year we'll have to use the garage boards. Next year, the house itself.
The government gives us electricity about 1 hour a day.
Water taps are on 7 minutes a week at varying times.
Our rationed food is mainly Spam, rice, potatoes, and oatmeal - morning,
noon, and night. You'd be surprised how many ways you can cook oatmeal,
if you can get a fire going. That's a big "If." You do need matches.
Forty years ago my wife rescued her mother's old wood/coal burning iron stove
from her farm's bush dump and stored it in our garage. It weighed 300 lbs. plus.
We moved it into our living room. We then slept, cooked, and ate in that
one room of our house after sealing it off from the other rooms.
At least that room had some heat. However on some frigid winter days
we nearly froze. Christmas was dark and lonely. No lights. No tree. No kids.
No cars. Too cold to walk outside any distance. No one visited anyone.
If we survive, we expect next winter (2026-27) will be the same, so we
hand dug an even bigger potato garden last May.
The toilet? No toilet paper. Don't laugh. Maple tree leaves "handy."
Watch the "Video stick" in the bottle to get just some idea as to
what happened without Oil.
"Did any of this Socialist Green Movement Change the Climate?"
No. "Absolutely No!" But it sure changed us. Drat, my ink has run ou..

"Wake up Jim...Jim... Wake up!" my wife shouted and I awoke.
"You were swearing loudly in your sleep cursing Socialists, and
mumbling something about Oil and 2026."
"Really? I was having a nightmare... but I don't remember it."

(Readers have permission to copy and e-mail any of my blogs to acquaintances.)

"The Video Stick" (YouTube 30 min) --->     A World Without Oil"

The Gapfire Free Play Area   Saturday March 23   2019
For Saturday's Race 11 at Aqueduct our Quickgaps were 3-10-1-7.
"Yes!" Kevin's key Quickgap #3 Oxy Lady $5.20 P No Exacta. 2/3/12
For Sunday's Race 8 at Gulfstream our Quickgaps were 5-6-10-(12-8).
"Yes!" Kevin's key Quickgap #6 Paynter's Boy $9.00 W $4.90 P   No Exacta. 6/4/10
For Friday's Race 9 at Aqueduct our Quickgaps were 10-5-9-2.
"Yes!" Quickgap #9 Javelin $16.30 W $8.70 P No Exacta. 9/4/7
For Saturday's Race 9 at Golden Gate our Quickgaps were 5-7-2-4.
Not today.  3/8/4
For Sunday's Race 9 at Oaklawn Park our Quickgaps were 8-4-2-11.
"Yes!" Quickgaps 2/4/8 #2 $5.60 W Kevin's Exacta $22.90 (Tri $47.60)
For Wednesday's Race 9 at Fair Grounds our Quickgaps were 7-9-11-5.
"Yes!" Quickgaps 7/9/11 #7 $5.20 W Kevin's Exacta $18.10 (Tri $78.80)
For Friday's Race 9 at Fair Grounds our Quickgaps were 4-7-12-(6-11).
Kevin played 1 Unit Win, 3 Units Place on #12 Tupelo Hone E and
Exactas 4-7-12/4-5-6-7-11-12.
Not today. 10/4/7
Kevin will post a play for Saturday by about 1 pm. Best luck at the ponies.

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