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On selected racing days, Dr. Jim Park or his son Kevin, will choose a race to handicap. We will give you their analyses, and selections at the bottom of the page. We are certain that you will find this area very insightful.
Dr. "Jim," a retired Psychologist, writes the "blogs."
Kevin posts the "selections."
Our site since 2004 has given horseplayers an "edge" on which
are the very best of race number contenders nearly every day, every race!

Kevin Park's Play of the day:
Sunday - February 16 2020 Race 7 Santa Anita

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2019 Breeders' Cup Saturday:
*******  9 WINNERS, 4 EXACTAS, 6 PICK 3s, 2 TRIS INCLUDING RACE 5 $4,327 !!!!


Potpourri 4715    "A Canadian Coward?"
A baby cries. Her mother weeps. Their Quebec home freezes.
The infant needs special formula food. The house needs propane.
Neither are coming soon.
A handful of Indigenous Peoples (native Indians) have blockaded major
train lines. Over 400 trains from Ontario can't move.
Eastern Canadian Mohawks are protesting in support of natives
two thirds of the continent away. Canadian goods are at a standstill.
What's their beef?
Nothing to do with these eastern malcontents really.
They are protesting a liquid natural gas pipeline almost 2,500 miles west.
Twenty four tribes in western Canada signed contracts agreeing to the
new pipeline. Four supposedly "hereditary Chiefs" didn't sign on.
They want the pipeline stopped even though it does not pass through the land
that they own as per Treaty agreements.
Meanwhile, back in eastern Canada, thousands of miles away, a few Mohawk
First Nation rebels
are blocking the tracks for passenger and freight trains.
Canadian rail traffic has been frozen still for 11 days!
The Canadian National Railway company got a Judge to pass a Court Order
for the protesters to remove the barricades.
The Ontario Provincial Police presented it to them.
The hostiles simply said:
"That's just a piece of paper. We don't recognize your government."
So the police, not wanting to incite any violence, backed off.
What did Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau do?
He buggered off to Africa and then to Germany.
His last words before the trouble started were:
"People have a right to protest peacefully!"
When it comes to negotiating with First Nation People, Trudeau has
proven to be, time and time again, "a gutless green coward."
He should be leading those police and getting those tracks cleared
one way or another. Negotiate, or toss them in jail, or cut off their
Treaty funding - but do something.
Eleven (11) days of standstill and another day passes.
Some Canadian businesses awaiting shipments struggle.
The Indigenous protesters don't give a sh*t.
Judging by his behavior, neither does the Prime Minister.
He's "M.I.A." - Missing In Action.
A baby cries. Her mother weeps. Their home freezes.

YouTube 2 min ----------->Over 400 Canadian Trains Blockaded

The Gapfire Free Play Area   Sunday February 16   2020 Race 7 Santa Anita
For Monday's Race 9 at Aqueduct our Quickgaps were 11-3-1-(9-2).
Result   "Yes!" 3/11/2 Kevin's key #11 $5.50 P Exacta $27.70  (Tri $188.60)
Thursday - Kevin's selections at Gulfstream were scratched. No play.
For Saturday's Race 7 at Gulfstream our Quickgaps were 10-6-5-2.
Result   "Yes!" 5/2/4 Kevin's key #5 $15.40 W $6.60 P Ex $89.10  (Tri $868.00)
For Sunday's Race 8 at Tampa Bay our Quickgaps were 6-7-1-8.
Result   "Yes!" 8/3/1 Quickgap #8 $6.70 W Kevin's Exacta $19.00  (Tri $65.30)
For Friday's Race 6 at Gulfstream our Quickgaps were 1-4-10-5.
Result   "Yes!" Kevin's key #4 Lady Panda $3.80 P No Exacta.   2/4/1
For Saturday's Race 9 at Santa Anita our Quickgaps were 1-7-2-5.
Result   "Yes!" Kevin's 5/9 Exacta $48.50  
For Sunday's Race 11 at Gulfstream our Quickgaps were 10-1-2-6.
Result   "Yes!" 4/6/9 Kevin's Exacta $173.50  (Tri $1095.60)
For Saturday's Race 9 at Aqueduct our Quickgaps were 1-5-3-10.
Result   "Yes!" Quickgaps 5/3/10 Kevin's Exaccta $28.00  (Tri $117.20)
For Saturday's Race 7 at Gulfstream our Quickgaps were 10-6-2-4.
Kevin played 1 Unit Win, 3 Units Place on #10 Walk Up Music and
Exactas 4-10/2-4-8-9-10.
Result   Not today.   1/9/12
Kevin will post a Free Play on Sunday by 1 pm EST. Best luck at the ponies!

For today's 7th race at Santa Anita, our Quickgaps are 2-6-5-7.
#2 Blue Sky Baby
cuts back in distance after being on the pace last time out.
She may have more staying power in the lane this time around.

My play will be 1 unit to win, and 3 units to place on #2 Blue Sky Baby.
I will also bet exactas 2-5-6/2-3-4-5-6-7.

Good luck with your plays.

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