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Wednesday November 14 2018

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Potpourri 4561    "Is Calgary's 2026 Olympic Bid A Great Deal?"
From 1971 to 1975 I was a professor at McGill University.
McGill is located in the heart of downtown Montreal.
In those days the City of Montreal was the most vibrant and exciting
place to live in Canada.
For starters Montreal was Canada's undisputed 'Financial Capital'
(In 1977 Quebec made French the sole official language. Most major
Banks and Insurance Companies moved their Head Offices to Toronto.)

Montreal had over 2,000 first class dining establishments and thousands
of Bistros, Taverns, and Bars. High rise buildings were popping up
regularly. Montreal was "alive" 24/7.
Furthermore Montreal was excitedly looking forward to hosting the
1976 Summer Olympic Games.
The games held promise for the 'Urban Renewal' of the city's East Side.
Part of the supposed Olympic legacy would be a new baseball stadium
called "The Big O." The idea of having that facility was a huge
selling point to tax payers who had been skeptically asking:
"What will the Olympics cost? Who will pay for them?"
To assuage concerns, Montreal's Mayor Jean Drapeau boldly stated:
"The Olympics can no more lose money than a man can have a baby."
Mayor Drapeau's imperious claim turned out to be:
"The stupidest promise made in Canada in the 20th Century!"
The Athletic side of the 1976 Summer Olympics was a huge success.
Opened by Queen Elizabeth II, the events went off without a hitch.
The Financial side was an unmitigated "DISASTER!"
Due to political corruption, labor strikes, and weather delays, the final bill
was 13 times higher than was budgeted for.
To make matters worse, the Olympic Stadium started falling apart
shortly after the games were over. Slabs of concrete fell off it incurring
costly repairs. Today, it can't be used at all if more than 3 cm of snow fall.
What was "The Big O" is now remembered as "The Big Owe!"
The citizens of Montreal had to pay a Special Tax for the next
30 years to get out of that debt. What an Olympic Hangover!
Now bring the clock ahead 42 years.
The City of Calgary is in the running to host the 2026 Winter Olympics.
Calgary previously did a spectacular job when they held the
1988 Winter Olympics. Several of the structures for those games are
still available to be used.
Undoubtedly, Calgary will put on a great show if their bid is successful.
The question is: "Can Calgary really afford the 2026 games?"
For the past 5 years our Alberta Economy has been limping along.
Federal and Provincial regulations have all but crippled our Oil Industry.
As a result thousands of well-paying white collar jobs were lost
in Calgary. Many of the downtown high rises still have empty office space.
I love the Olympic Games - Summer and Winter and I'd love to
see them in Calgary, if they can really afford them! But can they?
"I have me doobts." as my late Scottish Uncle Angus might say.
Calgary might scrape together $4.5 billion from City, Provincial,
Federal Taxes and I.O.C. coffers to fund them.
But the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics cost almost $8 billion.
Security alone was nearly a whopping $1 billion.
For sure, the Calgary Flames sorely need a new hockey arena.
If the bid goes through, that arena will be built. That would be quite
a legacy for Calgary.
However in these stumbling economic times, it would sure be a lot cheaper
for private sponsors and governments just to build that arena rather than
take on the burden of updating or building other Olympic facilities.
This Tuesday Calgarians will vote as to whether or not they
want this Olympic Bid to go ahead.
Perhaps ignorant of Montreal Mayor Jean Drapeau's remarks in 1976,
Calgary's Mayor Naheed Nehshi undauntedly puffed his chest out
like a fat male frigatebird and said: "This is a great deal!" (Is it?)

YouTube 1 min 20 sec   Calgary's Mayor Nenshi : "This Is A Great Deal!"

The Gapfire Free Play Area    Wednesday November 14 2018'
For Thursday's Race 8 at Churchill Downs our Quickgaps were 5-6-11-10.
"Yes!" 5/9/8 Quickgap #5 Knights Key $18.90 W Kevin's Exacta $76.60  
For Friday's Race 7 at Churchill Downs our Quickgaps were 7-10-2-4.
"Yes!" 7/4/3 Kevin's key #7 Jaywalk $13.00 W $5.00 P Exacta $50.40  
For Saturday's Race 9 at Churchill Downs our Quickgaps were 2-11-5-9.
"Yes!" Quickgaps 11/9 #11 Monomoy Girl $5.70 W  Not selected on top. Too chalky.
For Sunday's Race 7 at Santa Anita our Quickgaps were 6-11-10-14.
"Yes!" 6/11/7 Kevin's key #11 $3.10 P Kevin's Quickgap Ex $27.30  (Tri $90.60)
For Wednesday's Race 8 at Churchill Downs our Quickgaps were 7-6-2-5.
"Yes!" 5/2/6 Quickgap #5 $9.40 W Kevin's Exacta $33.70  (Tri $140.60)
For Thursday's Race 7 at Aqueduct our Quickgaps were 9-5-1-2.
"Yes!" Quickgaps 2/1/5 #2 $12.20 W Kevin's Exacta $45.00  (Tri $202.00)
"Yes!" Quickgaps 3/6/2 Kevin's key #3 $8.70 w $4.40 P Exacta $32.60   (Tri $154.20)
For Saturday's Race 9 at Del Mar our Quickgaps were 2-9-6-10.
"Yes!" Quickgap #10 $6.90 W Kevin's key #6 $5.10 P  No Ex #10 not played on top.
For Sunday's Race 8 at Del Mar our Quickgaps were 1-8-2-9.
Kevin played 1 Unit Win, 3 Units Place on #2 Love a Honeybadger and
Exactas 1-2-8/1-2-3-4-8-9.
Not today.  5/1/8
Kevin will post a play for Wednesday by about 1 pm EDT. Best luck at the ponies.

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