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Wednesday September 26 2018

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Potpourri 4541   "#MeToo Madness vs. False Memory Syndrome?"
"If some innocent men's reputations have to take a hit in the process
of undoing the patriarchy, that is the price I am willing to pay."
Emily Linden - Teen Vogue columnist - #MeToo Movement, 2017"

Eighty five year old Senator Dianne Feinstein received a letter marked
'Confidential.' It was from a woman in her early fifty's claiming that she
was sexually assaulted 36 years ago by Judge Brett Kavanaugh who is
nominated for a seat on the United States Supreme Court.
As the woman had requested 'anonymity,' Senator Feinstein never mentioned the
allegation against the Judge to anyone until the hearings on the appointment
were completed. Then after 46 days, when it appeared that Kavanaugh was a
"slam dunk" to be appointed to the Supreme Court, the once honorable long-serving
Senator stupidly brought out the letter for the Senate Committee to consider.
In the book Games People Play transactional psychiatrist Eric Berne referred
to Feinstein's vindictive ploy as the:
NIGYSOB Game -"Now I've got you, you Son of a Bitch."
As a Senior Citizen myself, it is really astonishing to see a normally sensible woman
of Feinstein's vintage still playing a "Gotcha Smear Game," but she did.
Keep in mind that Kavanaugh's accuser wanted anonymity.
If Feinstein had brought the accusation forward when she received it, the matter
could have been handled behind closed doors. Also there would have been time for
the F.B.I. to interview Kavanaugh and others regarding the allegation.
Instead, Feinstein waited 6.5 weeks then shared the letter with Dem. Senators, who
allowed their staff members to "leak" the damning charges and the woman's
name to the Main Stream Media.
The world now knows that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is the accuser.
She claims that a drunk Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape her at a High School party
those many years ago. Judge Kavanaugh has vehemently denied that charge.
Unfortunately, Dr. Ford and her family have subsequently been wrongfully subjected
to hate mail, threatening phone calls and even death threats.
Regarding the alleged assault, Dr. Ford says both Kavanaugh and her were teens
from different High Schools. They were at a house party when he supposedly assaulted her.
Dr. Ford reportedly cannot remember:
the year, date, time, place of the party or how she got home.
Four people, who Dr. Ford named as witnesses at the party, have no memory of
the party or the incident.
Democrat Senators Blumenthal, Gillibrand, and Hirono have already prejudged
Brett Kavanaugh as "Guilty" without listening to a word of either's testimony.
They've each publicly gone on record and said: "I believe Dr. Ford."
I don't doubt that this lady, who is now a College Professor, was traumatized in
her teens. I'm very skeptical though about how her "memory" determined that
it was Brett Kavanaugh who assaulted her. When did that memory surface?
Over a 36 year gap between situations our memory storage decays considerably.
In a time period of that length we not only forget significant details, our brains also
construct and believe events that never happened. That's the way we humans are.
There's a very good chance here that some type of False Memory Syndrome
is operating and Kavanaugh's name is being linked to that memory as a case
of "mistaken identity." (Be sure to watch the Video below.)
Senate Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has bent over backwards trying to
let Dr. Ford tell her trauma memory. After seven deadline extensions, she has
finally agreed to testify before the Committee on Thursday...but will she?
Remember, an old 'Scottish Dictum' applies here and in many life circumstances:
"He/She Who Claims, Must Prove!"
Oh silly me. That isn't fair to #MeToo lynch mobs.
A second accuser? -->The New Yorker. Looks like a big money conspiracy found another woman.

YouTube (17 min 36 sec)--> Elizabeth Loftus - "False Memory Syndrome"

The Gapfire Free Play Area  Wednesday September 26
For Sunday's Race 8 at Los Alamitos our Quickgaps were 5-8-7-1.
"Yes!" Quickgaps 1/5/7/ Kevin's key #5 $3.50 P Exacta $30.70 (Tri $68.30)  
For Wednesday's Race 5 at Louisiana Downs our Quickgaps were 6-8-1-2.
"Yes!"1/6/9 Quickgap #1 $9.80 W Kevin's Exacta $56.80  (Tri $250.60)
For Friday's Race 6 at Finger Lakes our Quickgaps were 5-7-6-4.
"Yes!" 7/5/3 Kevin's key #5 Alva T Soup $3.30 P Kevin's Quickgap Exacta $21.20  
For Saturday's Race 6 at Parx our Quickgaps were 2-4-9-8.
"Yes!" Kevin's key #2 Klaatu $6.50 P  No Exacta. 6/2/4
For Sunday's Race 9 at Belmont our Quickgaps were 3-10-7-(11-2).
"Yes!" 11/8/5/ Quickgap #11 Mr. Massena $12.40 Win Kevin's Exacta $75.00
For Wednesday's Race 9 at Belmont our Quickgaps were 7-3-4-9.
"Yes!" 7/5/4 Kevin's key Quickgap #7 $8.00 W $3.70 P Exacta $22.40   (Tri $47.00)
For Thursday's Race 10 at Gulfstream our Quickgaps were 10-8-1-4.
"Yes!" 8/3/10 Quickgap #8 $10.90 W Kevin's Exacta $49.70  (Tri $189.30)
For Saturday's Race 10 at Gulfstream our Quickgaps were 13-10-9-8.
"Yes!" 13/5/9 Kevin's key Quickgap #13 $7.50 W $4.40 P Ex $31.60   (Tri $235.50)
For Sunday's Race 10 at Los Alamitos our Quickgaps were 2-9-11-7.
Kevin played 1 Unit to Win, 3 Units to Place on #9 Captain N. Barron and
Exactas 2-9-11/2-3-7-9-10-11.
":Yes" Kevin's key #9 Captain N. Barron $5.40 P   No Exacta. 3/9/11
Kevin will post a play for Wednesday about 1 pm EDT. Best luck at the ponies.

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