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Saturday December 5 2020

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2020 Kentucky Derby Day Quickgaps:
*******  10 WINNERS, 5 DAILY DOUBLES, 4 NICE PICK 3'S, 1 PICK 4 $2,415.60 !!!!

Potpourri 4809    "Joe Biden's Win Showed Strange Anomalies"
CNN, "the most trusted name in News," says Donald Trump is "delusional"
for believing that he really won the election.
50 million Republican voters agree with him. Are they "delusional" too?
Is it only because Trump is screaming "The election was rigged!"
Maybe, but I don't think so. Nor do I think that Trump is "delusional."
I'm just as inclined to think that the high paid panelists at CNN are
"delusional" for calling Trump's claims "baseless" without
at least superficially examining what some of his beefs are.
Even a bumbling Inspector Clouseau would be able to see that there were
some very "strange anomalies and events" associated with this election.
Let's look at a few of them that the MSM seldom mentions, if ever.
1. Biden's Witness Protection Campaign?
Good old Joe. He stayed in his basement throughout most of 5 months
seldom taking questions from the Press. When he did venture out, his audiences
never exceeded 50 or so people. Yet he won against a man who was drawing
30,000 people to his rallies? This week White House reporters were told
that once in office, "Old Joe" doesn't plan to speak to them very often. Hmm?
I wonder why? Why are his advisors still telling him to stay under wraps?
2. Total Votes?
Trump got 10 million more votes in 2020 than he got in 2016.
He still lost. Biden, having campaigned from his basement, got more
votes. In fact Biden got 15 million more votes than Barack Obama
ever did. Is Joe really more popular than Barack? Hmm?
3. Bellwether States and Counties?
In 26 of the last 27 elections, the candidate who won both
Florida and Ohio became President.
Not this time. Biden lost both of those States and still won.
Writing in The Federalist, analyst J.B. Shurk has reported that
Trump won 18 of 19 Bellwether Counties across various States.
Statisticians would predict that anyone who won that many bellwether
markers would only lose 1 in every 2,000 elections! Yet, Trump lost.
Hmm? Very strange indeed.
4. Mail - In Ballots?
Even Barack Obama said years ago that mail-in ballots aren't safe.
Signatures obtained before the election need to be "scanned" and then
matched to every ballot received. Was that done? Of course not. In one Penn.
ballot dump Biden's counter jumped 120,000 votes to 0 for Trump.
Amazingly, numerous long time dead people voted against Trump too.
The Washington Examiner has reported that a witness who intended
to testify to seeing "Election Fraud" was beaten up on Tuesday.
Nothing to worry about with mail-in votes, eh?
The nation may never have another Republican Prez if the current
mail-in system remains in place for future elections.
5. The Dominion Voting Machines?
You can "Google the debate on whether or not those machines
can be rigged. I don't want a law suit at my age. But "geeks" with more
computer knowledge than me are claiming they can be weighted to assign
different counts to different candidates. (Also see-->Snopes)
6. Republicans Gained House Seats
It is highly unusual for any party's candidates at the bottom of the ticket
to pick up seats and their leader at the top loses. It happened though.
Republicans gained 9 seats in the House of Representatives. Hmm?
By not conceding the election immediately, Trump has been accused by
CNN moderators of "undermining Democracy."
I beg to differ. As President, he has taken an Oath that commits him to
"protecting Democracy." There are enough strange absurdities
associated with the results of this election they should be challenged.
Of course "Time" to ferret out the cause of the numerous
"irregularities" is against the likelihood of him being able to
"prove" any fraudulent behavior before Jan 20, 2021 when he
vacates the White House. Pity. Certainly Joe Biden won't be interested
in whether or not Trump's claims hold water.
Those still hoping that SCOTUS will overturn the results,
like the OANN newscaster below, are dreaming in technicolor.
If President Biden really is set on "Uniting Americans"
he will have to address the "disenfranchisement rift" that at
least 50 million voters are experiencing.
(Readers have permission to copy and e-mail any of my blogs to acquaintances.)

YouTube Video-----> "OANN - Christina Bobb - Trump Won By Millions?"

The Gapfire Free Play Area   Saturday December 5   2020
2020 Kentucky Derby Day Quickgaps:
*******  10 WINNERS, 5 DAILY DOUBLES, 4 NICE PICK 3'S, 1 PICK 4 $2,415.60 !!!!

For Friday's Race 7 at Tampa Bay our Quickgaps were 10-9-1-12.
Result: "Yes!" 12/9/8 Kevin's key #9 $4.60 P Quickgap Ex $76.50 (Tri $1,291.80)
For Saturday's Race 6 at Laurel Park our Quickgaps were 11-14-1-14.
Result: "Yes!" Kevin's key Quickgap #11 Laki $3.80 P No Exacta. 7/11/12
For Sunday's Race 6 at Aqueduct our Quickgaps were 9-6-10-2.
Result: "Yes!" Kevin's 3/2 Exacta $30.50
For Thursday's Race 8 at Aqueduct our Quickgaps were 9-1-10-3.
Result: "Yes!" Kevin's Quickgap Exacta 10/1 $55.00 key #1 $3.80 P
For Friday's Race 6 at Aqueduct our Quickgaps were 6-9-1-3.
Kevin played 1 Unit Win and 3 Units Place on #6 Town of Gold and
Exactas 1-6/1-4-6-7-9.
Result: "Yes!" Kevin's Quickgap key #6 $8.00 P No Exacta. 4/6/2
Kevin will post a play on Saturday by 1 pm EST. Best luck at the ponies!

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