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Kevin Park's Play of the day:
Sunday June 4 2023

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2020 Kentucky Derby Day Quickgaps:
*******  10 WINNERS, 5 DAILY DOUBLES, 4 NICE PICK 3'S, 1 PICK 4 $2,415.60 !!!!

2021 Preakness: #6 $25.70 Win $10.10 Place Exacta 6/5 $98.60 Tri $324.40
2023 Kentucky Oaks Quickgaps 2-10-3-14-8
"BINGO!" 14/3/2 Kevin's key #14 $22.70 W $10.10 P Exacta $403.10 (Tri $7,571.40)

Potpourri 5085    "It's A Mad, Mad World ..."Comedy Lane" "      #265
Strolling Down Comedy Lane       # 80.   - Jackie Gleason       Part 1.    
This is the first of three blogs featuring Jackie Gleason.
The Ralph Kramden Effect On Modern 2024 Suburban Women?
Rightly or wrongly, I believe that a 1950's Jackie Gleason character can shed
some light on why Donald Trump was unpopular among suburban women
in the 2020 Presidential Election. They were his "Achilles Heel."
That is a fact that was also true here in Canada. Several women, young and old,
said to me whenever I praised his policies - "I can't stand him!"
They said that before he lost that 2020 Election race and before
his embarrassingly regressive frantic attempts to cling to power.
So here we are now moving forward toward the 2024 Presidential Election.
Joe Biden has almost scuttled "The Good Ship America." Many
women don't want to vote for him and they still don't like Trump.
Yet those may be the only choices on the ballot.
If Donald Trump wants to win he'll need to get far more votes from
suburban women than in 2020. I'm not sure that he can. He has what I call
"The Ralph Kramden Effect" that is baked into his personality.
What is "The Ralph Kramden Effect?"
I could "fib" and say that it is a well-known psychological concept.
It someday might be, but it is not. I "coined" it on May 11, 2023 while
watching the CNN - Trump Town Hall. As the hour went on, I had
a "Flashback." In place of Trump and Moderator Kaitlan Collins
I saw Ralph and Alice Kramden disagreeing on "everything."
"Witch" Collins constantly "pushed Trump's buttons" but couldn't get him to erupt.
(See this 31 second video snippet--->The CNN Trump Town Hall.)
In the 1950's, Jackie Gleason created a sitcom called "The Honeymooners."
Jackie played the part of Ralph Kramden, a New York City bus driver.
Alice Kramden was his long suffering but tolerant wife who stayed home in
their sparse, small two room Bronx, N.Y. tenement apartment. Ralph was
forever getting big ideas and forever failing at carrying them out. He was an
"Alpha male self-centered verbal bully, dogmatic, frowned on Women's Rights
and had a Mercurial temper."
While he would frequently shake his fist
and threaten to send Alice "to the Moon," he never ever was
physically violent towards her. Alice always knew how to take the
steam out of his blowhard and potentially explosive nature.
It may not fly in today's hamstrung Comedy World, but that black-and-white
sitcom was "Top Drawer" for laughs in the 1950's. Top drawer!
But that was in the 1950's. Those were "Post World War II Years."
Most women stayed home raising "Baby Boomers." Men were the major
breadwinners and many men saw themselves as "King of the Castle."
Oh, how times have changed. The value of Women in the Workplace has taken
quantum leaps upwards. No longer will they put up with Ralph Kramden
type bullies. They simply won't. Many 2020's women have a radar that
men have no access to. If they sense "an inner turmoil in a man, with a
a potentially powder keg nature to it, they are turned off."

Donald Trump and Ralph Kramden have common traits.       Continued
(Readers have permission to copy and e-mail any of my blogs to acquaintances.)

YouTube Video--> "Ralph Kramden - His Mother-In-Law's Visit"

The Gapfire Free Play Area   Sunday June 4 2023
For Thursday's Race 7 at Pimlico, our Quickgaps were 8-9-5-4.
Result:   "Yes!" 5/9/7 Kevin's key #5 $10.00 Win $4.90 P Ex $34.20 (Tri $110.00)
For Friday's Race 9 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 11-3-9-7.
Result:   "Yes!" 11/4/8 Quickgap #11 $8.40 Win (Not played on top.)
For Saturday's Race 10 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 9-6-10-1.
Result:   "Yes!" 9/10/11 Kevin's key #9 $7.10 Place Exacta $30.90
For Sunday's Race 9 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 2-4-10-5.
Result:   "Yes!" Kevin's key #10 $4.50 Place (No Exacta 6/10/4)
For Monday's Race 10 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 12-11-8-(3-10).
Result:   "Yes!" Quickgap #3 $7.70 Win (No Exacta.   3/4/9)
For Friday's Race 7 at Santa Anita, our Quickgaps were 3-4-6-1.
Result:   "Yes!" Quickgap #4 Real Fire $13.60 Win (No Exacta. 4/2/6)
For Saturday's Race 10 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 4-9-2-6.
Kevin played 1 Betting Unit Win and 3 Units Place on #4 Atlanta's Acuna.
and Exactas 4-6-9/2-4-6-9-8-12.

Result:   "Yes!" Quickgaps 9/6/4 #9 $6.40 Win Kevin's Ex $108.50 (Tri 900.10)
Kevin will post a play for Sunday June 4 by 1 pm EDT. Best luck at the ponies!

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