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Kevin Park's Play of the day:
Thursday - July 9 2020

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2019 Breeders' Cup Saturday:
*******  9 WINNERS, 4 EXACTAS, 6 PICK 3s, 2 TRIS INCLUDING RACE 5 $4,327 !!!!

Potpourri 4758  "The Woke And Cancel Culture Revolution" Part 5
Defunding Or Abolishing The Police Is Lunacy
Protests? Virus fright? Masks? Destruction? Two flawed old goats up for President?
No! You are not dreaming. If you awoke this morning and didn't recognize your
country, you are not alone. Rest assured that there are millions of us here
in North America who are experiencing the same "nightmare." It's real.
We're the "Silent Majority" and we've been too silent. We believe
in "Law and Order." We know that obeying reasonable and fair laws
gives us "Freedom." Those laws and the police who enforce them provide
assurances that we can conduct our daily lives in a safe civilized fashion.
Some readers here will recall Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs.
The "Need for Safety and Security" is a basic condition that must be
met before any higher Self-Actualization needs can be realized.
"Black Lives Matter (BLM) Marxists" with their goon Antifa and
Anarchist supporters are succeeding in destroying our security.
City "Clowncils" across our nations have been frightened by the childish
foot-stomping tantrums of these extremists. To appease them the Police
Forces in many major urban centers are being "Defunded."
Even our own Edmonton Mayor and his "Merry Band of Morons" lobbed off
$11 Million from the Police budget the other evening.
That was in response to these fringe group extremists after listening to
their complaints. (My e-mails supporting Police were ignored.)
New York City residents have even more to worry about.
Their "know-it-all" blowhard Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is living proof that
"Bullshit Baffles Brains," cut NYC's Police budget by $1 Billion.
He's insane. That decision will cancel a class of 1,000 recruits.
Also a Department with 600 undercover cops was closed.
Under de Blasio's oversight, NYC's "Crime Rate" doubled this year.
Then there is the dingbat Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle.
That air-head woman did nothing to stop protesters from taking over a six block
area of downtown. She had the police stand down when these "loser loons"
occupied the East Police Precinct. They set up The Nation of CHOP (a.k.a. CHAZ).
Rather stupidly Mayor Durkan said "Maybe we'll have a Summer of Love."
Yeah sure, lady. In the next three weeks, her Summer of Love without Police,
produced 4 shootings, 2 murders, several assaults, a rape, and many robberies.
Their silly occupancy was only broken up after the protestors went to Durkan's
home. She then decided that was too much and had the Police close "CHOP."
History has seen this horror movie before. The ending was disastrous.
In 1933 Hitler ordered the "defunding" of Police.
That paved the way for his Brownshirt Thugs to beat up and sometimes murder
anyone who opposed his raving mad vision for "A Place In The Sun."
Sooner or later "The Silent Majority" who support "Law and Order"
will speak up. That hasn't happened so far. It's been disappointing to watch
otherwise reasonable Politicians of all stripes shivering in fear, afraid to
oppose the BLM Marxists, lest they be labeled as "Racists."
I wish that at least some of them had the "balls" of Florida Black
Sheriff Darryl Daniels. He's got it right. (see Video).
He's warned the protestors that if they bring "violence":
    "Tearing up Clay County, that's not going to be acceptable.
   If we can't handle you, ...I'll make special deputies of every lawful gun
   owner in this county and I'll deputize them for this one purpose to stand
   in the gap between lawlessness and civility....You've been warned."

(Readers have permission to copy and e-mail any of my blogs to acquaintances.)

YouTube 3 min 18 sec---->Sheriff Daniels - "You've Been Warned"

The Gapfire Free Play Area   Thursday July 9   2020
For Thursday's Race 8 at Belmont our Quickgaps were 11-10-4-9.
Result   "Yes!" 4/12/9 Quickgap #4 $13.80 W Kevin's Exacta $89.30   (Tri $335.20)    
For Friday's Race 10 at Belmont our Quickgaps were 11-10-2-1.
Result   "Yes!" Kevin's key #11 Roziere $9.80 W $5.00 P Exacta $67.70      
For Saturday's Race 10 at Belmont our Quickgaps were 2-8-1-10.
Result   "Yes!" 8/9/3 Quickgap #8 $3.60 W Kevin's Exacta $19.60  (Tri $193.40)    
For Friday's Race 8 at Churchill Downs our Quickgaps were 6-3-9-4.
Result   "Yes!" Kevin's key Mr. Misunderstood $4.40 P  No Exacta   5/3/9
For Sunday's July 5th's Race 6 at Belmont our Quickgaps were 1-6-7-5.
Kevin played 1 Unit Win, 3 Units Place on #6 Riken and
Exactas 1-6-7/1-2-5-6-7-8.
Result   "Yes!" 6/1/4 Kevin's key Quickgap #6 Riken $5.10 W $3.10 P Exacta $17.20
Kevin will post a Free Play on Thursday by 1 pm EDT. Best luck at the ponies!

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