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Kevin Park's Play of the day:
Sunday September 19 2021

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2020 Kentucky Derby Day Quickgaps:
*******  10 WINNERS, 5 DAILY DOUBLES, 4 NICE PICK 3'S, 1 PICK 4 $2,415.60 !!!!

2021Preakness: #6 $25.70 Win $10.10 Place Exacta 6/5 $98.60 Tri $324.40

Potpourri 4898    "It's A Mad, Mad World ...Canada's Election"      #78
Trudeau Must Go         Part B.
Canada's Election is this coming Monday.
Regular readers of this blog will know that I am not a fan of Justin Trudeau.
I will not be voting for his Liberal Party. The reasons for that decision
are many. But I'll stick to just listing three here.
#1. Disastrous Money Management
It is not Trudeau's fault that he was born into a very wealthy famous family.
However, growing up with a "silver spoon in his mouth" did not prepare
him to manage $Money$ well. His extravagant spending has set Canada
on the road to bankruptcy. His own Budget Office estimates that the Budget
cannot be balanced for at least 50 years. His 2021 Election Platform
has promised to increase the Debt by at least $50 Billion more.
On the campaign trail he recently told reporters~
     "You'll forgive me if I don't think about monetary policy!"
Any leader with that mindset could not manage a lemonade stand far
less a nation. He pretends to be "Gender Sensitive" and claims that
Canada is coming through a "She-cession" and making a
"She-covery. That phony natter is a cover-up to prevent anyone
finding out how shallow his understanding is of "money matters."
Consider the following facts~
     Debt Incurred by Canada's Prime Ministers

     Total $ Every PM 1867 - 2015                  $634.4 Billion

     Total $ Trudeau   2015 - 2021                  $659.1 Billion

From 1867 to 2015 Canada had 23 Prime Ministers.
From 2015 to 2021 Trudeau ran up more debt than all others combined!
He spends, we pay. Four more years of Trudeau and our dollar will be a peso.
#2. Disastrous Foreign Policies
As a direct result of Trudeau's bumbling decisions~
      Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig have been imprisoned
      by China for 1,015 days. They are falsely accused of "spying."

     Trudeau's promises to Afghan Allies were not honored. Over
     1,000 Canadians and many more Allies are hostages in Afghanistan
     after his pathetic evacuation plan failed. He was warned of the
     need to "evacuate" 5 years in advance and did nothing.
     Many Allies are in hiding trying to avoid torture and beheadings.

     Canada's order for vaccines was 61st in line among nations.
     They came 3 months later than many Third World countries.

#3. Dishonored Character
Justin Trudeau was involved in four major Ethics Scandals in 6 years.
That is the most of any Canadian PM. He was found "Guilty" in two.
Investigations are still ongoing. (See the Video below.)
Trudeau is incompetent. He is a classic example of The Peter Principle.
I could list at least 20 more examples where Trudeau has failed.
Let's cut to the chase. The bottom line is~
     "Anyone with a CONSCIENCE will not vote for
      Justin Trudeau and his Merry Band Of Liberal Morons!"

(Readers have permission to copy and e-mail any of my blogs to acquaintances.)

YouTube Video ------>"Jody Wilson-Raybould Dumped On Trudeau"

The Gapfire Free Play Area    Saturday September 19 2021
For Saturday's Race 10 at Saratoga our Quickgaps were 9-3-8-10.
Result: "Yes!" 8/6/3 Kevin's key #8 $14.40 W $5.90 P Exacta $72.60   (Tri $236.80)
For Monday's Race 9 at Saratoga our Quickgaps were 2-8-6-7.
Result: "Yes!" 2/7/8 Quickgap #2 $11.80 W Kevin's Exacta $46.80   (Tri $196.00)
For Friday's Race 5 at Woodbine our Quickgaps were 13-3-2-9.
Result: "Yes!" 5/3/2 Kevin's Exacta $104.10 !!   (Tri $578.60)
For Saturday's Race 5 at Woodbine our Quickgaps were 5-6-2-4.
Result: "Yes!" Kevn's Key #2 Bokermin $4.60 P  
For Friday's Race 6 at Monmouth our Quickgaps were 3-9-6-7.
Result: "Yes!" 7/6/2 Quickgap #7 Speechin N $15.10 W Not Selected On Top  
For Saturday's Race 8 at Belmont our Quickgaps were 1-9-10-5.
Kevin played 1 Unit Win and 3 Units Place on #5 Out First and
Exactas 1-5-10/1-3-5-6-9-10.
Result: "Yes!" Kevin's key #5 Out First $7.00 Place  
Kevin will post a play on Sunday by 1 pm EDT. Best luck at the ponies!

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