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Dr. Jim Park's new Horse Racing ebook -Introductory Offer Will Pay for Itself

"Logical Longshots"
- A Guide to Picking Logical Long Shots
- The Ebook for only $10!

Dr. Jim Park's new Horse Racing ebook on Long Shots is now available.

Using examples from races held in 2007 to 2009, this new book will show you how to pick more high paying thoroughbred winners.

Most of the examples presented are from Western U.S. tracks. The principles apply to all tracks.

Computer numbers give the player an edge.
But figures alone can't find the "hidden" moves and angles required to find logical long shot "boomers."

Through 25 Chapters and 200 pages of text, let Dr. Park guide you through ideas that will improve your ability to "hijack" tough races at the track.

You'll be the one making "the getaway," and all of the information that you needed to make the "heist" has been sitting there all along. We believe this ebook will pay for itself many times over.

The ebook is $10 to purchase.

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Logical Longshots Ebook is $10.00 US

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