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     The Free Play:
On selected racing days, Dr. Park or his son Kevin, will choose a race
     to handicap. We will give you their analyses, and selections at the bottom of the page.
     We are certain that you will find this area very insightful.

     Dr. Jim Park's Play of the day:
     Sunday October 23, 2016 Race T.B.A.

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     Potpourri 4197   "The Right Song But The Wrong Singer!"
     Let me be clear.
     "I could not in good conscience vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump."
     They both have very serious flaws in the moral foundations of their characters.
     Hillary Clinton's ethics are such that while in the position of Secretary of State
     special favors were given to various foreign governments and other donors
     who gave to The Clinton Foundation, thus breaking a sworn Oath to Senate.
     In an investigation by the F.B.I. regarding her misuse of a private e-mail server
     several of her aides had to plead the Fifth Amendment or be given immunity for testifying.
     When the F.B.I. finally got around to interviewing Mrs. Clinton, she had
     absolutely no memory for material related to 39 questions that they asked her.
     National Security was risked putting e-mails, some classified, on a private server.
     Hillary Clinton also screwed up big time in Benghazi failing to provide
     Ambassador Stevens and his staff adequate protection even though he had made
     numerous requests to the State Department about the danger that was building.
     Then there also has to be serious questions about Hillary Clinton's health.
     Is there a cover up going on here?
     This past summer she's been noticeably absent on the campaign trail and did not hold
     Press Conferences.
     At over 100 rallies President Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Pres. Bill Clinton,
     Chelsea Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Al Gore,
and Elizabeth Warren have stood in for her.
     Americans have to be suspicious about so many absences.
     When attending a 9-11 Memorial she became very unsteady on her feet and the public was
     told that she had pneumonia. Or is it something else?
     Hillary Clinton also disappeared for 5 days and we were told that she was preparing
     for the third Debate. With over 25 years prepping, why did she need 5 days off?
     Then at the Al Smith Dinner in New York on Thursday evening, she noticeably stumbled
     going to the dais to deliver a short speech. Her color looked fine though.
     But for any thinking person, there has to be concerns about her staying power.
     Rather unbelievably Hillary Clinton is barely offering any new ideas for America.
     She's "Unfit for Office" and just promising more of Obama's "Same Old, Same Old."
     In Donald Trump's instance what can I say that hasn't been said?
     For starters, I think that he lacks Verbal Disinhibition Control Filters.
     That problem embedded in his Narcissistic Personality leads him to believe that
     he can say and do as he wants without consequences.
     But there are consequences and previous sexual stupidity has come back to haunt him.
     He reminds me a lot of a vicious bully street fighter who I knew over 50 years ago.
     The guy I'm talking about grew up watching and emulating 1940's Gangster Movies.
     Like Humphrey Bogart he always acted like a "tough guy."
     To protect his identity here let me just call him Mr. H.B..
     At any rate, Mr. H.B. was a savage bully street fighter and highly unpredictable.
     He came from an "Upper Class" home but as a teen his idea of The Golden Rule was:
     "Do Unto Others Before They Do It Unto You!"
     I digress, but I suspect that's Trump's understanding of it too.
     As an adult Mr. H.B. cleaned up his act a bit and caught on with a small
     Calgary Oil Company.
     He did well in the "Survival of the Fittest Business World." Over the years this thug
     rose through the ranks of the company, became it's President and ultimately it's Owner.
     In time though, his true mean spirited "hit below the belt" character would show through.
     He proved to be a classic example of:
     "You can take the boy out of the street, but you can't take the street out of the boy!"
     For instance, let me tell you what Mr. H.B. did at one of the Annual Christmas Parties
     that he hosted for his Oil Company in the mid- 1990's.
     His employees were all gathered for a nice meal. Lots of Christmas "bubbly" was flowing.
     Husbands and wives were having a wonderful evening. A dance would follow.
     After the meal, Mr. H.B., as President and Owner, rose to give his
     Annual Christmas wishes to the staff. He arrived at the microphone.
     The staff all applauded. The room quietened down and Mr. H.B. said:
     "Thank you...thank you. We've had a wonderful year...
     In fact it has been a great God Damn year for our company's books.
     Yuh know what it proves? It proves that 'CREAM RISES!'
     But guess what? .....'SHIT FLOATS TOO!' The following 3 employees are FIRED!"

     At that Mr. H.B. called out the names of three staff members and told them
     "Get the Hell out of here. You're fired! Get out before I kick your effin brains in!"
     Some Christmas gift he gave them and their wives eh.
     Well to a point Donald Trump reminds me of Mr. H.B..
     Trump is a "My way or the highway, an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth." kind of guy.
     Yet his ideas for America are light years better than Hillary Clinton's.
     She has no new ideas.
     He's got some great fresh ideas for the Economy, Jobs, Immigration, Infrastructure,
     Taxes, ISIS, Education, National Security, the Millitary, Vets, Health Care
and so on.
     Certainly a Donald Trump victory would be far better for Alberta and Canada.
     Our Alberta economy would be boosted by The Keystone Pipeline approval.
     Clinton and her green choir are dead against it. Trump would approve it.
     Trump sings the RIGHT SONGS. He's just the WRONG SINGER!

     Sunday's Gapfire Free Play
     For Sunday's Race 9 at Santa Anita, our Quickgaps were 6-5-3-8..
     "Yes!" Kevin's key #6 C.C.Zipp won. $9.00 W $4.80 P No exacta. 6/2/3
     For Wednesday's Race 6 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 11-9-10-1..
     "Yes!" Quickgap winner #6 $4.00 W $2.80 P No exacta. 6/12/11
     For Thursday's Race 9 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 8-3-12-7..
     "Yes!" Kevin's key #7 Caledonian $9.00 W $5.60 P No exacta. 7/9/2
     For Friday's Race 6 at Santa Anita, our Quickgaps were 7-8-2-6..
     "Yes!" Kevin's #2 Alley boss $7.60 W $$3.40 P Exacta 2/7 $22.40 (Tri 2/7/1 $124.20)
     For Saturday's Race 9 at Santa Anita, our Quickgaps were 1-6-11-4..
     Kevin played 1 Unit Win, 3 Units Place on #1 Lucky Days and
     Exactas 1-4-6/1-4-6-9-10-11.
     "Yes!" Quickgap Winner #4 $7.60 W $4.30 P No exacta. 4/2/9
     Kevin will post a play for Sunday by 1 pm EDT. Best luck at the ponies.

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