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     The Free Play:
On selected racing days, Dr. Park or his son Kevin, will choose a race
     to handicap. We will give you their analyses, and selections at the bottom of the page.
     We are certain that you will find this area very insightful.

     Dr. Jim Park's Play of the day:
     Thursday, May 5, 2016 Race T.B.A.

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     Potpourri 4089   "My Trip to Cuba : Part 17 - Dining At Sea"
     To this point I've said little about our dining experiences on the boat.
     I can assure you though that when you are spending about 18 hours a day on board a ship
     eating three meals a day on it, the quality of the food becomes extremely important.
     In the Celestyal Crystal's case, I thought that the food that they offered was "excellent."
     First of all, most of this ship's food supplies had been purchased in Canada..
     Condiments, such as salt, ketchup, sauces, butter and bottled water were from
     Germany and Greece. Virtually none of the stock was from Cuba.
     The buffet breakfasts and lunches were served by Chefs behind counters
     and had a very wide range of selections for every diners tastes. I was impressed.
     Evening meals offered a choice of 5 main menu selections, appetizers, soups
     and desserts in three restaurants on various decks. They were good quality.
     If we had wanted to step off the "All Inclusive Menu " we could have paid $33.50 U.S.
     for a Lobster and Steak "Special." We contemplated doing that one night, but the
     "All Inclusive Menu" items included other beef and seafood culinary offerings
     and were quite fine by our standards, so we stayed with them each evening.
     As an aside, let me tell you something about restaurants.
     Kevin and Lynda owned a small restaurant in Edmonton for five years from
     1990 to 1995. Marianne and I worked there in the evenings. Besides "good meals"
     we knew that the #1 Key to a successful restaurant was = "Service! Service! Service."
     The Celestyal Crystal shone in this regard. The waiters were fast, efficient, and clean.
     "Good Dining" is also dependent on something that no establishment can guarantee.
     That would be: "Good Company makes for Good Dining!"
     Conversely, "Bad or Unpleasant Company makes for Bad dining!"
     Those are facts. If people don't get along over a meal, the food can wrongfully be blamed.
     Marianne and I experienced "Good" and "Bad Company" in the evening meals.
     One evening we struck "Gold" in being seated at a table with Dale and Karen
     from Orangeville, Ontario. They were perhaps 20 years younger than us, but we shared
     a lot in common in our discussions about sports, kids, politics, etc. etc.
     They were "very down to earth," had no false pretenses and were easy to talk and joke with.
     Dale is a Propane Truck driver who loves NASCAR. Karen was a nurse who had
     14 more shifts to put in before retirement. They were planning a trip to Newfoundland
     Bed and Breakfasts this summer to celebrate her retirement. We enjoyed our meal
     with them and would have gladly sought out more of their company again but their
     cruise tour ended at Montego Bay.
     But remember, I said "Bad Company = Bad Dining." We met just that the next evening.
     I'll refer to them as "Oldielocks and the 3 Boors."
     If you wanted "Private Intimate Dining" that was available on Decks 5 and 9.
     Otherwise, on Deck 8 you'd be placed with a group. So far in being seated with various people
     we'd been greeted each time with "Hail thee fellow well met" dispositions which seemed to
     be the Code of Conduct for Deck 8. On this particular occasion we weren't so fortunate.
     It turned out that our Deck 8 waiter placed us with a foursome of friends from
     Tampa Bay who had just "embarked" at Montego Bay.
     Upon being seated with them, the man to my left, immediately turned his body 30. away
     and ignored us. The blonde woman across from him did the same to my wife, turning away
     to her right. No "Hi, welcome..." or any warmth of that nature was offered.
     Sensing their "standoffish" behavior, I wanted to move to another table.
     However, the waiter had our Ship Cards for the wine we ordered when we sat down.
     It took 5 minutes for the waiter to return. That gave me a chance to size these people up.
     They were extremely well-tanned senior citizens, probably in their early 70's.
     The blonde across next to my wife was adorned in gold and diamonds. Although the
     dress was supposed to be casual, she wore a rich evening gown. (Did she think she's
     a "Princess?")
Her elderly "Prince Charming" to her right was also decked out in a fine
     top of the line Polo shirt and sported gold - (watch, ring, and chain). I couldn't
     see the quiet lady two seats to my left. The boor who turned his body away from me.
     also wore a top notch sports shirt, pants, and very expensive shoes.
     I thought to myself:
     "These people are well off. The couple across the way are marriage retreads,
     perhaps wed several times. The blonde and the two men are probably Golf Country
     Club phonies....the type that join a club to meet and socialize with the "right people."
     The actual golf isn't of much importance to them, but making the "right connections" is.
     They will tell their Country Club acquaintances how they can't or won't vote for
     Donald Trump, yet in the privacy of the voting booth, they'll mark an "X" for him."

     As it turned out, I found out over the course of the meal, I wasn't far off the mark.
     When the waiter finally arrived with our wine and our "All Inclusive Ship Cards,"
     the blonde across the table realized that we weren't leaving and said:
     "Oh Hi,... We didn't see you sitting there...and you are???"
     Of course they saw us when we sat down. This phony rich dame is a bald-faced liar too.
     I replied: "This is my wife Marianne and I'm TOM HANKS !"
     I knew that I could have told them that I was Donald Duck or Roy Rogers as
     they weren't really going to be listening as I said our names. Why should they?
     They had no interest in meeting us in the first place.
     The 3 Boors names were : Linda, Jodie, and Bob. "Oldielocks" was Anita.
     Linda (Boor #1) drawled: "Hon...isn't this the worst cruise you've ever been on?
     I mean it's so terribly disorganized."

     I replied "Actually, I think it's wonderful!...The best I've been on."
     Of course I didn't mention that this was the only cruise I'd taken. These people
     just boarded 6 hours ago. Already they thought the cruise was below their standards.
     When the meals arrived, Linda (Boor #1) said:
     "Waiter...we have no salt...What kind of a cruise doesn't have salt at the tables?"
     And the "negativity" went on. They griped about the food, the service, small cabins,
     dining room noise, the small casino, no coffee urn on each deck, poor TV
and so on.
     They are now all retirees in Tampa Bay. Linda (Boor #1) told us that she had lived
     in various States including Oklahoma, Texas, California, Florida.... Jodie (Boor #2)
     had travelled extensively around the world. Bob (Boor #3), needed an "enema" before
     ever saying much to us, was from Tampa and Anita, (Oldielocks) was from Norway.
     They of course never asked where we were visiting from and we never told them.
     Jodie (Boor #2) said- "Linda and I are celebrating our Anniversary today!"
     I replied: "Cheers. What anniversary are you marking?"
     Linda, not particularly gleeful, said "This is #2....Jodie pursued me relentlessly
     when he found out I was available once again. We'd gone out once in high school
     in 1959 in Oklahoma. But later I found the love of my life....alas he's gone."

     For sure Marianne and I weren't in the financial stratosphere of these pretentious snobs.
     But when it comes to "Social Smarts," they're well beneath us.
     We gladly dined as a twosome on Deck 9 the final two evenings.

     Our Gapfire Free Play for Thursday Race T.B.A.
     For Friday's Race 7 at Tampa Bay , our Quickgaps were 6-9-4-2.
     "Yes!" Kevin's key #9 Saturday's Light $3.50 P No exacta. 8/9/3
     For Saturday's Race 6 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 1-2-3-11.
     "Yes!" Exacta 1/3 $34.10
     For Sunday's Race 9 at Golden Gate, our Quickgaps were 10-3-9-7.
     Not today. They came home 4/11/2.
     Kevin will post a play for Thursday by 1 pm EDT. Best luck at the ponies.

     For Wednesday's Race 9 at Churchill, our Quickgaps were 2-3-5-8.
     Kevin played 1 Unit Win, 3 Units Place on #8 Paid Admission
     and Exactas 2-5-8/2-3-5-6-7-8.
     "Yes!" Kevin's key #8 Paid Admission $23.60 W $9.10 P Exacta 8/5 $81.90
     Kevin will post a play for Thursday by 1 pm EDT. Best luck at the ponies.

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