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     The Free Play:
On selected racing days, Dr. Park or his son Kevin, will choose a race
     to handicap. We will give you their analyses, and selections at the bottom of the page.
     We are certain that you will find this area very insightful.

     Dr. Jim Park's Play of the day:
     Sunday May 26, 2015 Race T.B.A.

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     Potpourri 3869  "Bettable Races?"
     For me, I can't make money at the track with short fields.
     Perhaps you can. I can't.
     For me, a bettable race is one which has at least 8 entrants.
     I strolled into our Billy Budds Sports Bar on Friday at 2 pm EDT.
     Seven thoroughbred tracks were on the various television screens.
     Only 1, Churchill, had a field of 8.
     The rest had six or fewer runners in each race.
     Weekdays seem worse than weekends in terms of filling fields.
     Why is this?
     Well in 2008 and 2009 large parts of the American economy
     went in the toilet, including housing prices which crashed in many States.
     With money tight, thoroughbred owners started disappearing.
     So breeders cut back on their operations.
     While over 35,000 thoroughbred foals were being registered in
     the United States a decade ago, only 22,500 were registered in 2014.
     The fact is that now we have more tracks, more races, more racing days
     and fewer horses
to fill those cards than in the last 50 years.
     Today, American Pharoah looks like the "brightest boy in the classroom"
     in spite of his slower times in The Kentucky Derby and The Preakness.
     For sure he seems set to win the Triple Crown.
     But if he does, keep in mind, the classroom is much smaller these days.
     At the various tracks, we bettors are seeing the direct impact of less breeding
     more cards, short fields, and subsequently poorer payouts.
     How much worse can it get?
     I don't know.
     But I do know that I'm finding less bettable races.
     Kevin is too as he scours through cards to find decent wagering
     opportunities for our Free Play Area.
     In the meanwhile, this sport is almost on life support at least for the
     next couple of years. That's sad. Racing can be so much better than what we are seeing.

     Potpourri 3867  "The Fitness Myth."
     Many people believe that because they are seemingly "physically fit," they won't
     have a heart attack.
     That's not necessarily true.
     Being physically fit can help you survive a heart attack.
     It doesn't prevent it, especially if there is a genetic history of that problem
     in your family.
     That's what Brian Boyd, an Irishman, recently found out.
     Mr. Boyd, in his 40's, was apparently in good health, had low cholesterol levels,
     a low body fat ratio, and exercised regularly. Outwardly he was a picture
     of good health. His story is at the link below:
     We All Thought You Were Dead (Irishtimes.com)

     Our Gapfire Free Play for Sunday Race T.B.A.

     For Friday's Race 8 at Belmont our Quickgaps were 5-9-8..
     "Yes!" 5/9/1 Exacta 5/9 $63.80!
     For Saturday's Race 7 at Santa Anita our Quickgaps were 4-7-9-12..
     "Yes!" For Place money #12 Big Move $5.00 P No exacta. Home 2/12/4.

     For Sunday's Race 8 at Santa Anita our Quickgaps were 5-6-8-9.
     "Yes!" Win, Ex, Tri #9 $10.90 W $5.80 P Ex 9/2 $70.20 (Quickgap Tri 9-2-8 $211.50)

     For Wednesday's Race 7 at Louisiana Downs our Quickgaps were 3-2-6-4.
     "Yes!" But a weak tea payout. Home 6/3/12. P $2.70 Ex 7/3 $ 7.70

     For Thursday's Race 8 at Santa Anita our Quickgaps were 11-4-10-2.
     "Yes!" 11/4/7. Exacta 11/4 $15.20 .

     For Friday's Race 8 at Santa Anita our Quickgaps were 8-6-1.
     "No."They came home 5/6/1.

     For Saturday's Race 9 at Parx our Quickgaps were 6-2-9-3.
played 1 unit Win, 3 units Place #3 Dandy Ketch
      Exacta 1-3-9/1-2-3-6-7-9.
     "Yes!" 9/3/7 #3 $4.60 P 9/3 Exacta $40.60 (Tri $167.90)

     Kevin will post a play for Sunday by 1 pm EDT. Best luck at the ponies.
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