- Dr. Park's Free Play: "Thoroughbred Handicapping"
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     The Free Play:
On selected racing days, Dr. Park or his son Kevin, will choose a race
     to handicap. We will give you their analyses, and selections at the bottom of the page.
     We are certain that you will find this area very insightful.

     Dr. Jim Park's Play of the day:
     Saturday Oct 25, 2014 Race 9 Santa Anita

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     Potpourri 3755  "Let Home Grown Muslim Terrorists Out, Don't Let Them Back!"

     Canada has bore witness to two tragic terrorist events since Monday.
     In Quebec a Canadian soldier was killed by a Muslim terrorist's car.
     Two days later in Ottawa a second soldier was shot dead by
     a Muslim terrorist.
     The first terrorist is in custody. The second is dead.
     Here's the rub.
     Both of these home grown Muslim terrorists had:
     1. recently converted to Islam
     2. tried to board airplanes to go to fight for ISIS
     3. our RCMP officers took away their passports and said "No!"
     4. the RCMP kept them under surveilance.

     I ask you, "How dumb are we in today's politically correct society?"
     Answer: "All evidence suggests we're as dumb as door knobs!"
     If these radical home grown Islamists want to go fight for ISIS, let them go!
     While they are away, revoke their passports and DON'T LET THEM BACK IN!!!

     Thank You Kevin Vickers and Cpl. Frank Cirillo (age 24)
     Kevin Vickers grew up in New Brunswick and served in the RCMP for 3 decades.
     During his police service, he never shot anyone.
     That all changed on Wednesday morning when a raving Islamic terrorist
     stormed our Parliament Buildings, killing Cpl. Frank Cirillo at the
     National War Memorial in Ottawa.
     Kevin Vickers, the Sergeant-at-Arms in our Parliament
     drew his gun and put an end to this mad terrorist's intents to kill.
     A special Gapfire thank you to Kevin Vickers and Cpl. Cirillo.
     It's men like you that have made Canada Strong and Free.
     They are both true heroes. Condolences to Cpl. Cirillo's loved ones.

     Free Play   Saturday Race 9 Santa Anita
     For Saturday's Race 9 at Santa Anita our Quickgaps are 5-4-14(AE)-8-2.
     This is a 51/2 furlong dash for maiden claimers.
     Early speed is the order of the day at this distance on this track.
     Certainly #4 Takeit Tothe Limit 7/2 and #8 The Twelfth Man 3-1
     have shown that in their previous outings. They could be at each other's throats
     in an early pace duel.
     #5 Tasha's Courage 6-1 is developing the look of a professional cheap
     maiden claimer. In 11 previous tries at this class level, he's come up short.
     You can't leave him out, but don't bet the farm on him either.
     At 8-1 in the morning line I find #2 Chaco an interesting runner.
     He's lightly raced and is offered for a tag for the first time.
     Others of interest?
     We saw yesterday that trainer Leandro Mora knows how to get steeds to run
     through their eyeballs. She's taken over the training of #7 Shaiel 4-1
     and has a "For Sale" sign on this one time
     expensive purchase. Serious intent is suspected here.
     In this tough race I'm considering:
     Exacta 2-5-8/2-4-5-7-8. All the best.
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