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     The Free Play:
On selected racing days, Dr. Park or his son Kevin, will choose a race
     to handicap. We will give you their analyses, and selections at the bottom of the page.
     We are certain that you will find this area very insightful.

     Dr. Jim Park's Play of the day:
     Thursday July 24, 2014 Race T.B.A.

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     Potpourri 3705  "Don't Forget The Roots You Came From"

     The year was 1964. It was my final day of bachelorhood.
     My Dad's final advice to me prior to the wedding was:
     "Don't forget the roots you came from Jimmy."
     That turned out to be very sage advice. I took it to mean to never forget the
     love our family had and don't try to be what you're not.
     This week two stories of interest caught my eye. They were about two young men.
     One had shunned his family roots. The other had embraced them.
     The first lad was Damian Clairmont. He was born in Nova Scotia in
     1991 and brought to Calgary in 1997.
     His parents raised him with the hope that he would carry on their French Canadian
     Catholic values.
     In high school Damian began to have anxiety attacks. They were intolerable
     so he dropped out and completed his schooling at home. He also lacked close friends,
     began to suffer from depression, and by age 17 was troubled enough to try to take his
     own life by drinking anti-freeze. In his late teens Damian was befriended by
     Abu Dujana a young Muslim.
     Abu Dujana convinced Damian to come and find peace through the Qur'an.
     So Damian started attending a Calgary Mosque with Abu on a frequent
     basis. Finally Damian had found a group of people that he felt he "belonged" with.
     His search for identity and a cause was over.
     In a short period of time, this young person started to espouse the teachings of the
     the Qur'an to anyone who would listen. He grew a beard and started expressing
     strong negative views towards our western society and lifestyle.
     He believed that the west had oppressed middle-east cultures for far too long.
     Last September he told his mother that he wanted to go to to Egypt and study Islam.
     But that's not where he went. He changed his name to Mustafa al-Gharib and
     joined rebel fighters in Syria.
     Damian...err Mustafa al-Gharib died in Syria fighting a war
     that really wasn't his. His mother is absolutely heart-broken.
     And his friend Abu Dujana? Oh he's quite well. He's been trying to recruit
     Damian's mom to join Islam so that one day she can join him in
     the Paradise that is promised only for true Muslims. He's written:
     "And I pray that Allah brings forth more soldiers of justice and nobility like
     brother Damian Clairmont to give victory to Islam and Muslims over the nation of

     Now clearly Damian was a young man who forgot his roots. He tried to be something that
     he wasn't. He paid a terrible price for that.
     Sad to say, troubled misfits are ripe candidates for Islamic war recruiters to pick off.
     They know young men with identity issues are "sitting ducks."
     The second young man never forgot his roots.
     He's none other than Rory McIlroy, age 25, who has had a passion for golf and family forever.
     This firmly rooted lad marched away with victory last Sunday at the
     British Open. He wasn't trying to be anything that he wasn't meant to be.
     (His Dad Gerry knew that. Ten years ago, he wagered 100 pounds at Ladbrokes, a U.K.
     bookmaker, that his 15 year old son would win the British Open before he was 26.
     The wager paid off. Gerry is collecting a $171,000 U.S. cheque from Ladbrokes.)

     Check the video below of Rory which was taken 17 years ago.

     Free Play   Thursday Race T.B.A.
     For Wednesday's Race 9 at Del Mar our Quickgaps are 8-3-1-5.
     I'll be played against the favorite #9 Mensa Heat in this cheap claimer:
     Exacta box 1-8-12 and Exacta 1-8-12/1-3-5-8-9-12.
     "Yes! The Quickgaps
had the winner. I didn't

     I'll post a play for Thursday by 1 pm EDT. Best luck at the ponies.
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