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     The Free Play:
On selected racing days, Dr. Park or his son Kevin, will choose a race
     to handicap. We will give you their analyses, and selections at the bottom of the page.
     We are certain that you will find this area very insightful.

     Dr. Jim Park's Play of the day:
     Saturday February 13, 2016 Race 8 Gulfstream

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     Potpourri 4057   "No Free Play Until Next Week and Why??"
     The Alberta Mens Curling Championships are on this week.
     Kevin's team is in it. I am their Offical Coach.
     At my septuagenarian age, I am honored that the team has asked me
     to serve in that capacity.
     Kevin previously won a Silver Medal at the World Championships before
     and also represented Canada the Olympic Games.
     He also has won 8 Provincial Titles to get to Canadian Championships.
     So as "Coach," this year, my presence is strictly supportive.
     (Not to say that I don't have a lot of ideas and views about "Why Winners Win!")
     The winning team has a chance to go to our National Championship next month.
     The level of curling here in Alberta is at a very high skill level..
     Several teams that have won here over the last 15 years have gone
     on to win World Championships.
     I'm coaching the Kevin's team and therefore will not have time
     to "blog" in this space again until next week.

     Kevin will be hard pressed for time as well.
     He will still be updating our Quickgaps for our members daily.
     If per chance the Quickgaps aren't posted, all subscriptions will be extended accordingly.
     After Wednesday it is unlikely he will have time to post a Free Play daily.
     Information, including scores, about this event is at the link below:

     Boston Pizza Cup (Alberta Mens Curling Championship)

     Potpourri 4056   "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?"
     Speaking about being "here today and gone tomorrow," did you know that
     billionaire Donald Trump and "rassling" guru billionaire Vince McMahon
     supposedly bet their "hair" on a "wrestling grudge match?"
     Will Trump someday make this take-down move on Korea's Kim Jong-il or
     Iran's Ayatollah? (Geez, I'd love to see that.)
     If you need a good chuckle, check it out below at:
         "Battle of the Billionaires"


     Our Gapfire Free Play for Saturday Race 8 Gulfstream
     For Sunday's Race 9 at Santa Anita our Quickgaps were 11-6-12-8.
      "Yes!" 12/3/11/8 The 12/3 Exacta $27.20 (Tri 12/3/11 $208)
     For Wednesday's Race 9 at Gulfstream our Quickgaps were 2-1-5-3.
      "Yes!" 2/5/8 Kevin's key #2 $9.20 W $4.70 P Ex 2/5 $84.40 (Tri $280)
     For Thursday's Race 7 at Aqueduct our Quickgaps were 10-9-7-6.
      "Yes!" 6/7/10 Kevin's key #6 $5.50 W $3.80 P Ex 6/7 $55.20 (Tri $341.10)
     For Friday's Race 9 at Fair Grounds our Quickgaps were 3-12-7-8.
      "Not today." 2/3/12
     For Saturday's Race 2 at Santa Anita our Quickgaps were 6-1-7-10.
      "Yes." 7/10/6 Exacta 7/10 $115.20 (Tri $593.20)
     For Sunday's Race 9 at Aqueduct our Quickgaps were 2-4-10-8.
     Kevin played 1 unit to win, and 3 units to place on #4 Saint Finian
     and Exactas 2-3-4/2-3-4-8-10-11.
      "Yes." 2/8/3 Exacta 2/8 $42.80 (Tri $110.20)
     Kevin will post a play for Wednesday by 1 pm EST. Best luck at the ponies.

     For today's 8th race at Gulfstream, our Quickgaps are 11-10-5-7.
     #11 Ode to Joe
is fresh, and perhaps dangerous. This one may not fire, but
     I'll take a chance. He will probably be overlooked at the windows.

     My play will be 1 unit to win, and 3 units to place on #11 Ode to Joe.
     I will also bet exactas 5-10-11/1-5-8-10-11-13.
     Good luck with your plays.
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