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     The Free Play:
On selected racing days, Dr. Park or his son Kevin, will choose a race
     to handicap. We will give you their analyses, and selections at the bottom of the page.
     We are certain that you will find this area very insightful.

     Dr. Jim Park's Play of the day:
     Thursday, May 26, 2016 Race T.B.A.

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     Recent visitors to paceadvantage.com have requested a review
     of "Logical Longshots." I think it has good handicapping value. But I'm biased.

     Potpourri 4102   "Donald Trump Is Not A Racist!"
     From where I sit, with no dog in the fight, both of the leading candidates to
     be the next President of the United States have serious flaws.
     I will be commenting on those flaws along the way in this space.
     But what really bothers me is when I see "paid experts" come on the
     various main TV channels and proclaim:
     "Donald Trump is a racist!
     They then justify their views by pointing out that he wants a temporary ban on
     Muslims entering America and also build a wall on the U.S. - Mexico border.
     It annoys me when these high paid so called "analysts" try and push that misinformed
     malarkey, and interviewers such as poker-faced Wolf Blitzer never correct them.
     What's worse is some people actually believe that tripe and cite those analysts
     as support of their own opinions.
     Look, Donald Trump for sure has a lot of flaws, as does Hillary.
     But "Donald Trump is NOT A RACIST!"
     By definition, "a human race is defined as a group of people with certain common
     inherited features that distinguish them from other groups of people."

     Anthropologists divide humans into three main groups:
     Caucasian, Negroid, and Mongolian.
     (Some anthropologists believe there are 5 distinct races and include Australoid
     and American. See-->econintersect.com)

     Muslims are not a race.
     Mexicans are not a race.
     That Trump is willing to stand up and say that he wants a temporary ban on
     Muslims is not being racist. He recognizes that Islam and Islamism
     are actually totalitarian political ideologies that hide under a religion's garb.
     Furthermore, a substantial minority of Muslims support terrorism,
     perhaps over 200 million around the world.
     Unfortunately, it is very difficult to identify the "good guys" from the
     "bad guys" among them in deciding who should be allowed into America.
     The "Wall" to secure the border is not based on a dislike for Mexicans.
     It's his idea, hare-brained or not, to solve a major economic problem facing
     the United States. But in no way does it mean that he's a racist.
     This Presidential nominee can be criticized for many things, but be clear:
     "Donald Trump is NOT A RACIST!"

     Potpourri 4101   "Food for Thought : Winning the Lottery?"
     A friend recently sent me an e-mail with the following content in it.
     I thought that it offered good "food for thought," so I'm passing it on here.

     Imagine you have won a lottery, a very special lottery.
     A lottery where each morning $86,400 is deposited into your private account.
     However, this prize has the following rules.

     RULE 1 - Everything that you don't spend during each day will be taken away.

     RULE 2 - The sum is non-transferable. You cannot transfer it. You can only spend it.

     RULE 3 - Each morning another $86,4000 will be deposited into your account.

     RULE 4 - The lottery can stop without warning, and say "GAME OVER."

     What would you do? You would buy anything and everything you wanted.
     You might go into a shopping frenzy! And not only for yourself, but for all
     the people you love, right?
     Even people you don't know, because you couldn't possibly spend it all on yourself
     day after day.
     And you would try to spend every cent, wouldn't you?
     Each of us has this lottery magically topping itself up every day. We ALL have one.
     The lottery is TIME.
     Each morning we are given 86,400 seconds as a gift of life.
     All the same rules apply, when we go to sleep at night any remaining time
     is NOT credited to us, nor can we gift this to someone else.
     What we haven't used, lived, enjoyed is forever lost.
     And the game can be over at any time...WITHOUT WARNING.
     And then each morning the account is refilled.
     So, what will you do with your 86,400 seconds?
     When you wake up tomorrow, and your account has been refilled,
     how do you want to spend that prize?

     Our Gapfire Free Play for Thursday Race T.B.A.

     For Wednesday's Race 3 at Gulfstream, our Quickgaps were 1-2-5-6..
     "Yes!" 5/1/3 Exacta $23.60 (Tri $203.90)
     For Thursday's Race 7 at Pimlico, our Quickgaps were 11-2-7-5..
     "Yes!" 2/7/4 Key #2 Devonson $7.80 W $3.40 P Exacta $15.40
     For Friday's Race 11 at Pimlico, our Quickgaps were 10-3-5-9..
     "Yes." Quickgap $5.70 W Winner #5 Go Maggie Go No exacta. 5/4/10
     For Saturday's Race 8 at Santa Anita, our Quickgaps were 5-9-1-3..
     Not today. 4/11/5
     For Sunday's Race 8 at Santa Anita, our Quickgaps were 9-6-5-1..
     "Yes!" 5/9/6 #5 $23.20 W Exacta $63.80 (Tri $196.20)
     For Wednesday's Race 8 at Gulfstream, our Quickgaps were 1-3-10-2..
     Kevin played 1 Unit Win, 3 Units Place on #1 Prague
     and Exactas 1-3-9/1-2-3-6-9-10.
     "Yes!" Key #1 Prague $4.40 W $3.00 P Exacta 3/10 $21.00 (Tri 3/10/6 $302.00)
     Kevin will post a play for Thursday by 1 pm EDT. Best luck at the ponies.

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