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     The Free Play:
On selected racing days, Dr. Park or his son Kevin, will choose a race
     to handicap. We will give you their analyses, and selections at the bottom of the page.
     We are certain that you will find this area very insightful.

     Dr. Jim Park's Play of the day:
     Friday July 1, 2016 Race T.B.A.

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     Potpourri 4124   "Ask People What They Want?... What a Novel Idea!!!"
     Do you ever get the feeling that "Elected Officials" will never ask the
     "General Public" what they think about a topic unless they are absolutely
     certain what the answer will be?
     Answer :
     "Yes!" I get that feeling almost every day.
     Elected officials only want us to vote them into power.
     They know that once they are in the driver's seat, they can do their own thing.
     They know that "Joe Public's" typical memory span is about 3 months, if that.
     Beyond that period, "Joe Public" moves on, forgets, and forgives.
     So the above represents my "jaded" view of Elected Officials.
     Let's take the recent "Brexit Vote" in Great Britain as an example.
     I'm convinced that David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, fully expected
     that if "Brits" were given a choice they'd choose to stay in the European Union.
     If Cameron had thought otherwise, he would not have asked the
     "General Public" for their opinion.
     So he asked the populace should we stay or should we leave?
     Now, isn't that a "novel idea" in this day and age?
     Asking people what they think, that is.
     Well he got his answer. The people spoke.
     They elected to "Leave" the European Union.
     Clearly Cameron's government underestimated the amount of anger
     that the British held towards a foreign government in Brussels, Belgium
     dictating policies with respect to:
     1. The British Economy
     The European Union gave grants to numerous companies and factories in Britain
     to move to eastern Europe. Thousands of British workers became unemployed.
     2. Immigration
     The European Union was dictating that Britain must be part of the
     resettlement of the Muslim "flood" into Europe.
     So when asked, the people said "Enough already. We're out of here!"
     I yearn for the day when some of Canada's "Elected Officials" will ask us
     what we ordinary peons think.
     Sure we get "democracy" for one day every four years or so when we elect
     Municipal, Provincial, and Federal officials.
     But that's just voting for "Who" we want, not "What" we want.
     Take for instance, Alberta's new left wing Premier Rachel Notley. (Please take her.)
     Within weeks of coming to power, her government announced that it would be
     imposing a "Carbon Tax" on our fuel consumption.
     Of course, she neglected to mention that during her campaign last year.
     Nor did she ask any Albertans our opinions on this new tax,
     which is being implemented to "Save the Planet."
     Notley's own economists have told her that this imposition will cost
     15,000 Albertans their jobs.
     Undaunted by that fact, our fearless leader is charging ahead with this tax
     and paying little or no heed to what we tax payers think.
     Then there is our Edmonton City Council.
     The Mayor and his Aldermen are on a "Crusade" to Save the Planet" too.
     They are devoted to the idea that "Cars are Evil" and "Public Transit is Good."
     Hence, they've committed $12 Billion tax dollars to building
     a Light Rapid Transit System to the south part of our city.
     I haven't met one person yet who wants this project to go ahead.
     Of course, no plebiscite on this matter was ever held.
     Our city officials are going ahead with it anyways, whether we like it or not.
     The sad fact is, once in power at any level, politicians
     don't want Joe Public's two cents worth of opinions. They just don't.
     That's probably what Brussels and Washington, D.C. have in common.
     So I scratch my chin and muse:
     "Ask the people what they actually want?
     Don't be silly. That's 'too good' and 'too novel' of an idea!"

     Our Gapfire Free Play for Friday Race T.B.A.
     For Wednesay"s Race 9 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 3-11-7-12..
     For Wednesday"s Race 5 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 5-6-3-7..
     "YES!" Kevin's key #3 $13.60 W $5.20 P Exacta 3/4 $62.60 (Tri $345.40)
     For Thursday"s Race 9 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 2-8-9-6..
     "Yes!" 6/2/8 Exacta 6/2 $38.50 (Tri $214.40)
     For Friday"s Race 9 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 5-2-9-1..
     "Yes!" 8/5/1 Kevin's key #8 $3.90 P Exacta 8/5 $21.10 (Tri $89.40
     For Saturday"s Race 10 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 16-12-7-3..
     Not today. 9/1/12
     For Sunday"s Race 10 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 5-X-4-7..
     "Yes!" Quickgap winner #5 $4.20 W No exacta. 5/6/4
     For Wednesday"s Race 8 at Indiana Downs, our Quickgaps were 1-10-2-9..
     "Yes!" Kevins key #10 $4.80 W $3.50 P Exacta 10/1 $19.20 (Tri 10/1/2 $64.20)
     For Thursday"s Race 6 at Gulfstream, our Quickgaps were 2-4-8-1..
     After Kevin's key horse #8 Caribout Cat scratched
     his play became Exactas 4-7/1-2-3-4-7.
     Quickgap Winner #2 Pioneer Pete $12.50 W
     The scratch of Kevin's key impacted the race dynamic.
     Kevin will post a play for Friday by 1 pm EDT. Best luck at the ponies.

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