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     The Free Play:
On selected racing days, Dr. Park or his son Kevin, will choose a race
     to handicap. We will give you their analyses, and selections at the bottom of the page.
     We are certain that you will find this area very insightful.

     Dr. Jim Park's Play of the day:
     Sunday, June 25 2017

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     Potpourri 4334    "Nobody's Fault?"  
     Tim Hague, age 34, is dead.
     His funeral is on Monday. He leaves behind wife Brianne, son Cody,
     parents Dave and Belinda.
     Tim was a Grade 4 teacher at an elementary school in our city, Edmonton.
     Many friends, relatives, and students are deeply saddened.
     May God Bless Tim and all who loved him.
     Tim died in a Professional Boxing Match. See article-->Who Killed Tim Hague?.
     Tim was knocked down 5 times in the first round and knocked out forever in the second.
     Why the referee didn't stop the fight after 3 knockdowns is a puzzle to me.
     His opponent ex-con Adam Braidwood said it was "nobody's fault."
     "Nobody's fault?" A man is dead and it's "Nobody's fault!" - not the fighter himself,
     the referee, the promoters who put up a mismatch, the man who hit him, or the rabid fans?
     None are at fault?
     I don't buy that.
     I think that they're all at fault to some degree or another.
     I also share some of the blame for not speaking out more in a society that
     still sanctions legalized brutality without protective headgear.
     In today's world there is no excuse for any adult not knowing about the damaging
     effects of head trauma.
     There is tons of information about the effects of head injuries, concussions,
     Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, early senility and death
associated with
     violent sports.
     We know that Boxing averages 10 ring deaths every year.
     Yet there is something in our ancient genes that draws us to this legalized violence
     to the point that some fans froth at the mouth screaming for a knock out.
     Furthermore, there always seems to be a steady supply of "Wanna Be Marciano"
     types who sincerely believe that someday they'll really make it.
     They are willing to climb into the ring and try to beat one another's brains out.
     Me? I pulled the pin on fighting sports some time back.
     That includes Boxing, Wrestling, and Mixed Martial Arts.
     As none of them employ helmets for head protection, I refuse to watch them.
     I still occasionally watch Football and regularly follow Hockey.
     Both have had their share of head injuries, but at least they are wearing head protection.
     Besides, there is not much else to do on cold Canadian winter evenings.
     I ask you:
     "Why are sports that don't require protective headgear still legal?"

     Potpourri 4333    "The Greatest Hockey Player on Earth?"  
     A couple of months ago I said that Connor McDavid, of our Edmonton Oilers
     was the most exciting player that I had seen since Bobby Orr.
     That time period would also cover the Wayne Gretzky era.
     I was a fan of Gretzky's too and his scoring records will never be caught,
     but Connor McDavid is far more exciting. He's from a different planet.
     I'm not alone in thinking that.
     He's just 20 years old and he's the youngest Captain in the NHL.
     At the annual NHL awards the other night, Connor captured:
     The Hart Trophy - for most valuable player
     The Art Ross Trophy - for leading league scorer
     The Ted Lindsay Award - for most outstanding player as voted by other players
     Official NHL Cover Poster Player for 20`17-2018
     Most players aren't even considered for those awards until they've played
     more than 250 games. This kid is only 134 games out of Juniors
     and he has the entire Hockey World buzzing about his talents.
     We at Gapfire tip our hats to Connor McDavid.

     The Gapfire Free Play Area    Sunday June 25
     For Saturday's Race 7 at Santa Anita, our Quickgaps were 5-2-13-11.
     "Yes!" Quickgap Winner #11 Wheresthemoneyjack $12.80 W Not selected.  11/6/2
     For Sunday's Race 10 at Santa Anita, our Quickgaps were 8-5-10-9.
     "Yes!" 5/10/12 #5 Creme de la $13.50 Exacta $31.30   
     For Wednesday's Race 5 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 10-9-7-3.
     "Yes!" Kevin's key #10 Jeanne's Speight $2.80 P No Exacta.   4/10/2
     For Thursday's Race 8 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 2-4-10-7
     "Yes!" 2/11/12 Kevin's key #2 Lady Alexandra $10.50 W $5.30 P Exacta $45.60   
     For Friday's Race 9 at Belmont, our Quickgaps were 15-10-1-6.
     Not today.   2/9/8
     For Saturday's Race 5 at Woodbine, our Quickgaps were 9-8-6-4.
     Kevin played 1 Unit Win and 3 Units Place on #9 Tiz Prime Time
     and Exactas 3-7-9/3-4-6-7-8-9.
     "Yes!" 3/7/9 Exacta 3/7 $32.10   (Tri $88.30)
     Kevin will post a play for Sunday by 1 pm EDT. Best luck at the ponies.

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